• Atvos’ Project encourages female entrepreneurship in the countryside of São Paulo State

    DATE: 09/26/2019

    Published by: Atvos

    On September 11th, Atvos started the works for the expansion of the Casa de Laticínios da Casa AMAS (Associação de Mulheres Assentadas) , located in the Pé de Galinha settlement, in Mirante do Paranapanema (SP). With the new space, it is expected to increase production from 1,050 liters of dairy products per day to up to 5,000 liters per day, which would represent a production increase of 376%.

    Today, the activities are carried out at AMAS’ headquarters, built in 2016 in partnership with the City Hall of Mirante do Paranapanema. The new Dairy House will have 170 m², where all the necessary steps to produce dulce de leche will be taken, and increase the income generated by the women settled in the region.

    The project is part of the Atvos’ Programa Energia Social, which promotes local development and improves the quality of life of the communities where the company operates: “Our role is to support these women to have a sustainable and safe source of income, contributing to their own independence and increasing the income of their families,” says Fabiano Pontes, leader of the Atvos’ São Paulo Center.

    The mayor of Mirante do Paranapanema, Átila Ramiro Menezes Dourado, as well as the deputy mayor, Maria Lucia de Albuquerque de Góes, Maria Nazaré Silva Montemor, creator of Casa AMAS and other authorities of the local administration were present for the launching of the project. Part of the amount collected from the dairy sales will be allocated to the maintenance of the Dairy House itself.



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