• Cube Project: digital intelligence applied for increased productivity and economy

    DATE: 10/15/2020

    Published by: Atvos

    Initiative seeks the optimization and digitalization of agricultural logistics and is already implemented in two units

    Do you know the Cube Project? This is a project that has been implemented in two of our agro-industrial units to increase productivity and save resources in our production processes through logistics optimization. Now, we celebrate good results and we will expand the initiatives for our entire operation.

    The initiative of the Cube comes with the centralization of monitoring and control of harvesters, tractors and trucks that makes each stage of the processes as displacement, stops, routes and maintenance are monitored from a remote base, which is located at Campinas office, which communicates with the operators from radios.

    In line with our purpose of building a cleaner and healthier future, the project’s goal is to have a complete view of the logistic cycle, an integrated management of processes, as well as their standardization in the company, A greater agility in strategic decision-making, cost reduction, better agricultural and industrial integration, automatic programming of trucks, more productive equipment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (EGE).

    Today, with the implementation in two units, we have already reduced the vehicle fleet by 24 tractors, trucks and harvesters and our expectation is that this number will exceed 85 when we implement it in all our production. The economy reaches R$1.84 per ton of cane transported, the expected cost reduction is R$34 million, which will be directed to the renewal and expansion of sugarcane plantations, further enhancing all stages of our operation.

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