• Atvos launches calculator for consumers to measure the amount of carbon dioxide they no longer emit when using ethanol

    DATE: 10/01/2020

    Published by: Atvos

    The “Renewing Ethanol” campaign encourages people to use less polluting fuel and help improve air quality in cities

    Through an online calculator developed by Atvos, consumers can measure the amount of greenhouse gases they no longer release into the atmosphere when using ethanol. The tool is part of the “Renewing Ethanol” campaign, created to make people aware of the environmental benefits of using clean fuels, and can be accessed at

    “You just have to inform how many liters of ethanol were used and the calculator measures the equivalent in trees. This way, we hope to sensitize people to adopt low carbon consumption habits”, explains Genésio Lemos Couto, Atvos’ communication director, The company that is currently the second largest ethanol producer in Brazil.

    Currently, 61% of the Brazilian car fleet is flex, representing 29 million vehicles in circulation, according to a survey by Sindipeças (National Union of the Automotive Parts Industry). With57% of the fleet using gasoline, It is almost 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. If the entire flex fleet used ethanol, this volume would drop to 62%. This is because the ethanol produced from sugarcane emits 89% less greenhouse gases than gasoline, in addition to capturing in its production gases harmful to the atmosphere. In 2019, the State of São Paulo registered the lowest carbon dioxide emission per inhabitant* in twenty years, which is associated with the record ethanol consumption in the period, according to data from the Department  of Infrastructure and Environment of São Paulo.

    The campaign is part of a bio-fuel movement to encourage the use of less polluting options. Launched on social media, with the hashtags #CleanerTomorrow and #IWill, the initiative also brings an accumulative individual ranking of “ethalovers” and per state. The communication pieces will bring curiosities about bio-fuel production and the impacts on vehicle engines.

    Renewing Ethanol Campaign

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    *emission of carbon dioxide per inhabitant = 1,614 tCO2/hab x ethanol consumption = 7,219 103toe


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