• Atvos joins the SP Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    DATE: 12/05/2019

    Published by: Atvos


    Atvos, Brazil’s second largest ethanol producer, joined the SP Agreement last Friday (29). Promoted by the State Government through CETESB (Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo), the initiative brings together companies that operate in the State and seek strategies to face the challenges of climate change.

    Represented in the agreement by Conquista do Pontal Unit, located in Mirante de Paranapanema, in the western part of São Paulo State, the company reinforces its commitment to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    On the last crop season, the Unit reduced by 17% its Carbon Intensity (Intensidade de Carbono – IC), an indicator that measures the reduction, sequestration and/or avoided emission of greenhouse gases. Avoided Emissions by the production in the Unit were equivalent to 664,000 tons of CO2.

    According to Mônica Alcântara, sustainability manager, participating in this initiative ratifies the company’s role in the development of a more sustainable production chain: “Our efforts are focused on seeking creative and profitable solutions in the production of clean and sustainable energy for the society,” she says.

    In addition to the pact signed with the State Government, Conquista do Pontal Unit has just been recertified for another year by Bonsucro, an international non-profit organization that attests sustainable practices and allows the export of sugarcane by-products to the European Union and Asian countries. The Unit has been certified since 2012 and has now been recertified until the end of 2020.

    The process took place after an audit carried out by Control Union Certifications (CUC) in all production areas of the plant. Based on the documents evaluated, the UCP recommended maintaining the company’s seal for another year.

    Picture: Mônica Alcântara, left, and Patrícia Iglecias, CEO of Cetesb, right.

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