• Atvos gathers over 1,500 people for discussions on women’s inclusion in the job market

    DATE: 03/13/2019

    Published by: Atvos

    To foster dialogue on “gender equality and women’s inclusion in the labor market,” Atvos organized seven round tables in the cities where it operates on March 8, which was International Women’s Day. More than 1,500 people attended the events and participated in the meetings that cast women as the protagonists of their careers and as agents of local change.

    Team Members at Atvos units, local residents and community leaders were invited to share their stories and to present real-world examples of women and the job market. “It was a unique experience for all of us. Given our belief that everyone should enjoy the same opportunities, we were very pleased to all of society engaged in advancing on this path,” explained Mônica Alcântara, Atvos’s sustainability manager.

    The meetings were held in partnership with the municipal governments of Costa Rica, Nova Alvorada do Sul and Glória de Dourados in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul; Teodoro Sampaio and Mirante do Paranapanema in São Paulo; Cachoeira Alta and Perolândia in Goiás. On Friday (15), the meeting will be held in Alto Taquari in Mato Grosso state. “Our goal is to continue the discussions throughout the year with initiatives that encourage our communities to reflect on gender equality,” added Mônica.

    Gender equality is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted worldwide by the United Nations. As a signatory to the Global Compact, Atvos reaffirms its commitment to achieving this goal.

    Teodoro Sampaio (SP)


    Cachoeira Alta (GO)


    Perolândia (GO)


    Nova Alvorada do Sul (MS)


    Mirante do Paranapanema (SP)

    Glória de Dourados (MS)


    Costa Rica (MS)

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