• Atvos develops more than 170 youths with the Acreditar Jr. Program during last year

    DATE: 01/20/2020

    Published by: Atvos

    Trust in people and its ability to develop is one of the pillars of Atvos’ work. The investment in professional qualification programs is constant, so, throughout 2019, the Business has already trained more than 170 youths through the Acreditar Jr. Program

    In order to qualify youths between the ages of 17 and 22 and develop the regions in which they are present, the program also provides an exchange of experience, professionalization and helps participants to enter the job market.

    Industrial Process Operator, Rural Administrative Assistant, Tractor Maintenance Mechanic, Agricultural Operator and Industrial Electrician are some of the courses in which the graduates have been specialized. All courses contemplate more than 1300 class hours, so that the students have a complete absorption and utilization of the practical and theoretical classes.

    Developed in 2009 by Odebrecht, the Acreditar Junior Program aims to qualify youths and bring development to the regions where the company operates. At Atvos the program was implemented in 2014 and, in total, 40 classes have already graduated at its Agroindustrial Poles and another 4 are in formation.


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