• Tribute to the Future is highlighted by the press

    DATE: 11/22/2021

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Campaign was the focus of radio programs and online vehicles


    Since September, this year’s Tribute to the Future campaign has been engaging people to support quality Education for teenagers living in the rural area of Bahia. This mobilization has been highlighted in several reports, articles, and news programs, as well as in social networks. Check out some of the campaign’s appearances online and radio media:

    Use of Income Tax to contribute to Tribute to the Future was highlighted in an interview with Adélcio Menezes, campaign coordinator at the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Isso É Bahia! Show (A Tarde FM)

    Titled “Tribute to the Future encourages the use of Income Tax in donations,” the interview with Adélcio Menezes was conducted by journalists Jefferson Beltrão and Fernando Duarte (Bahia Notícias) and focused on the benefits of donating using the tax benefit. Watch it here!


    CORREIO 24 Horas

    The online article highlighted the beginning of the campaign, the support given to the education of teenagers in the rural area of Bahia’s Southern Lowlands region, and ways to donate. Read here!


    BAND News FM Salvador Radio

    Broadcasted live on the radio, the story included a testimonial from one of the teenagers benefited from the campaign, and an interview with Adélcio Menezes, campaign coordinator at the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation. Listen to the report here!


    Check also the news published in the Bahia Southern Lowlands region, where rural schools benefited by Tribute to the Future are located:

    Jornal Rolando na Orla, Ed Mais FM, Jornal Valença Agora, Baixo Sul em Alta, Portal Atualizando Seu Dia, and Portal Baixo Sul.


    Do you want to contribute to help teenagers from rural areas to have access to quality Education? Visit or send a message to +55 (71) 99699-6397.



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