• You need to appoint your beneficiaries in the Vexty Plan

    DATE: 04/27/2023

    Published by: Vexty

    Caring for the ones we love is also preparing the future for the time when we will no longer be here.

    That’s why we came to remind you to appoint your beneficiaries and keep the data updated in the Vexty Plan.

    Those who keep their registration up to date:

    – leave one less thing to worry about for those who are left behind, since the accumulated balance does not go into the estate inventory and goes directly to your named beneficiaries;

    – It also uses the complementary pension plan as succession planning, since the appointed beneficiary can be any Individual, regardless of the degree of kinship with the Vexty Plan Participant or Assisted;

    – avoid the payment being set in an estate, reducing bureaucratic expenses.

    Define as many beneficiaries as they want, as well as the percentage of the balance that will be assigned to each one.

    It is allowed to appoint minors. The application process, in case of need, will be carried out by the proven legal guardian.

    The referral is done 100% online!

    Go to the Participant’s restricted area and in the Services Menu click on Consultations and Services > Beneficiary Nomination.

    Important: make sure your registration data is updated, especially your cell phone and e-mail, because a code will be sent to validate this request.

    To take care of the future of the one you love. Vexty. Absolutely.

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