• We talk about the Ethics Line channel with Maria Cristina Lepikson, of the Compliance team at Odebrecht S.A.

    DATE: 04/04/2018

    Published by: Novonor


    How do you ensure the credibility of the Ethics Line channel?
    Maria Cristina Lepikson – Under the channel’s new operating model implemented nearly one year ago, we have an independent partner that receives the reports called ICTS, which is a company with vast experience that is highly recognized in the market. This is a very important point, since it ensures the credibility of the process and significantly improves the quality of reports, since the whistleblowers are interacting with professionals trained especially for this kind of situation, even if anonymously, during the call. This interaction guarantees more complete data collection on the report, which is critical for the investigation’s success and the time required.
    After receiving the report, ICTS forwards it to the internal Compliance team, accompanied by a preliminary analysis of the case. We took all precautions to maintain the channel’s credibility and efficiency. If a report involves a member of the compliance team, for example, ICTS will not send the report to this member and the investigation will follow its normal course.


    What should we expect from the Ethics Line channel?
    Maria Cristina Lepikson – We’re committed to analyzing and forwarding 100% of the reports received. If a report is well-founded, it can generate results that range from improving a process or internal control to the application of disciplinary measures, such as a warning or even the team member’s termination (including for just cause), the termination of contracts with third parties or the suspension of payments. Each case is treated in a specific way and leads to an action compatible with the matter’s severity.
    Is it possible to follow the progress of a report?
    Maria Cristina Lepikson – Yes, this is one of the improvements we implemented in the new operating model for the Ethics Line channel. Whistleblowers receive a case number, which allows them to follow the status of their report. The details on the report and information on its forwarding are investigation-related, and therefore confidential.


    What is your view on the use of the Ethics Line at the Group today?
    Maria Cristina Lepikson – With the new channel, we have observed significant improvement in the quality of the reports, with a higher rate of the reports being converted into cases for internal investigation. We live in an important transformational moment that requires everyone’s participation, and it is essential to use the channel conscientiously and responsibly. We, as team members, must report any violations of our commitment to ethical conduct, with integrity and transparency, that comes to our attention. And the Ethics Line is a way to do this in a secure, structured way with the certainty that there will be an investigation and the application of disciplinary measures whenever warranted.

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