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    DATE: 03/16/2023

    Published by: Horiens

    Health starts with the mouth. This maxim could not be more true, after all, the mouth is the gateway to our body. Are you taking care of him as you should?

     In this month of March, when we celebrate World Oral Health Day -20/3-, how about taking a little time to find out about the main care to keep your oral health up to date?

    Do you know how many times you should brush your teeth a day and the right way to do it? Is it necessary or not to brush the tongue? How soft or firmer brush bristles should be? Would you be able to say at what age children should start going to the dentist’s office, or even how food can help improve the health of their mouth?

    If you are in doubt, you can’t help but look for the right answers, as they are essential. With prevention, you avoid diseases such as cavities, tooth loss, gingivitis, bad breath, gastrointestinal problems and even heart problems.

    Soon Horiens will do a special live to help you update yourself and adopt a care routine!

    Book on your calendar

    OdontoPrev ‘s surgeon-dentist and health consultant , Dr. Larrosier Ortiz.

    Date: 3-23
    Time: 11 am
    Virtual room: on the date and time of the live, click here .

    (You can also find the access link at:>News)

    Invite your family and friends. Forward this invitation and participate!

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