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    DATE: 04/28/2022

    Published by: OEC

    Of our 78 years of history completed this year, 43 are international. There were more than 2,900 works in 40 different countries, including Brazil. Come aboard with us and check out 12 projects in 12 countries where we have been.

    1.  United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Airport

    Begun in May 2006 and inaugurated on October 12, 2008, the construction of the second runway at Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates is 4,100 meters long. The project also contemplated two main taxiways, two connecting runways, and airport infrastructure works.

    2. Angola: Capanda Hydroelectric Power Plant

    The Capanda Hydroelectric Power Station was OEC’s first work in Angola, marking the beginning of our operations in the African continent in the 1980s. At the time, the dam, 110 meters high and 1,470 meters long, which forms a 170-square-kilometer lake, was considered one of the largest in the world made of rolled concrete. In the country we are still carrying out works after 38 years. Check out three of our projects in Angola awarded in 2021 by the Global Best Projects, from the North American publication Engineering News-Record.

    3. Djibouti: Djibouti Maritime Terminal

    Located in a small country at the entrance to the Red Sea, the Djibouti Maritime Terminal was the first OEC project in an Arab country. Completed in 2005, the terminal is for loading and unloading bulk liquids (oil and derivatives) and has two platforms – one is 68.5 meters long and 15 meters wide and has the capacity to receive ships of up to 80 thousand tons.

    4. Argentina: Córdoba Trunk Pipelines

    Located in the province of Cordoba, Argentina and concluded in 2019 by Tenenge, our industrial engineering company, the project consisted of the construction of ten sections totaling 631 km of distribution pipelines, the extension of existing pipelines and 44 surface facilities for the supply of natural gas.

    5. Portugal: Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Plant

    One of the largest civil works in Portugal, the construction of the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Plant had the peculiarity of uniting past and present by housing the largest archaeology program in the Iberian Peninsula. The archaeological materials were collected and sent to the laboratory set up at the construction site for cleaning, separation, treatment and study. In addition, native plant species monitoring work was carried out to ensure that nothing was altered and programs linked to fauna, aquatic ecosystems, air and water quality, as well as conservation of the historical and cultural heritage.


    6. Colombia: La Loma-Santa Marta Railway

    In 1992 the OEC won the bid to build the La Loma-Santa Marta Railway in Colombia. The project was based on the reconstruction of the public railway line between La Loma and Puerto Drummond with a length of 191 kilometers on the main track and 21 kilometers of secondary tracks.


    7. United States: Port of Miami

    Known as the “Port of the Americas,” it is considered one of the largest in the world and one of the most important in the Americas. The OEC, besides the revitalization of an 81 thousand square meter space, built a structure that allows the use of a more modern crane model, increasing in up to 40% the capacity and container movement in the Port.


    8. Ghana: ECR Highway

    In Ghana, the OEC is executing lots 5 and 6 of the Eastern Corridor Road, a 695 KM road connecting southern ports with inland cities and neighboring countries to the north. This alternative route to the Central Corridor, shortens the distance by almost 200 km and is a more economical and safer option, as it avoids traffic in urban centers with heavier traffic.


    9. Mexico: Ethylene XXI

    The Ethylene XXI project, in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, is considered to be the largest petrochemical enterprise built in Latin America. Opened in 2016 by OEC, the complex has the capacity to process 66,000 barrels of ethane per day, producing 1.05 million tons of ethylene annually, the raw material for the production of 750,000 tons of high-density polyethylene and 300,000 tons of low-density polyethylene.


    10. Mozambique: Moatize Coal Project

    To make the country’s coal exports viable, the OEC worked on the expansion and revitalization of a railroad, since the region did not have terminals compatible with the volume of production planned for the mines.


    11. Panama: Costera Belt

    To alleviate the traffic jams issue in Panama City, a 3.5 kilometer road and 35 hectare embankment was built, as well as parks to make the country’s main avenue more pleasant to look at.


    12. Peru: IIRSA North and South

    Located in Lambayaque, Peru, the OEC carried out the works and now does routine maintenance on the IIRSA South and North Highway. The main challenges are related to altitude and low temperatures. In the photo, a section of IIRSA South. Are you curious? Go to our social media and check out the report of one of our members: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

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