• You should check out Vexty’s 2021 Annual Report!

    DATE: 04/29/2022

    Published by: Vexty

    Vexty’s Annual Report 2021 is now available for your access!

    And why do we think you should access it?

    “Because besides being an official instrument, through which we are accountable to all our audiences, it will be another opportunity for us to show, in a transparent way, the issues that are dealt with here at Vexty. To keep you well-informed and, increasingly, acting as an agent of your own destiny,” answers our CEO, Mauro Figueira.

    That’s right. Through the Annual Report, you can get to know and follow, in more detail, the management that is done at Vexty, the Entity’s economic-financial balance, the situation of your pension plan, the results of the Investment Profiles, our achievements, our policies, our challenges, and a lot more information related to our administration.

    Are you interested?

    So there’s more good news! Starting this year, the Annual Report has a new format!

    Published entirely online, it offers content organized by menus, submenus, and pages, which make navigation – and, therefore, comprehension of the topics – easier, more fluid, and objective.

    Here’s what you’ll find: (if you’re already eager to access it, scroll down to the end of this article and we’ll tell you how to do it)



    Message from our CEO, Vexty’s strategies and guidelines, the highlights of 2021, and the composition of the Advisory and Fiscal Councils, as well as the Executive Board.



    The evolution of Vexty’s main numbers, such as: assets under management, Participants and Assisted, average percentage of contribution to the plan, benefits paid, contributions received, among others.



    The economic scenario for 2021, our Investment Policy, investment decisions to deal with the difficulties and take advantage of the opportunities presented, and a number of data, graphs, indicators, and analyses of investment performance.



    The independent auditor’s report on the 2021 financial statements, the consolidated balance sheet, the statement of changes in net worth, the statement of changes in net assets, the statement of administrative management plan (revenues and expenses), the notes on the financial statements, the minutes with the opinion of the Deliberative and Fiscal Councils, among others.

    Are you even more interested? So here’s how to access it:

    Visit Vexty’s website:

    In the “Useful Links” menu, click on “Annual Report”.

    That’s it! You will enter the main page of the Annual Report platform and be able to see all the latest Annual Reports published by Vexty.

    To access the most current one, from 2021, click on the “Annual Report 2021” image.

    From there it’s just a matter of navigating the menus in the way you prefer!

    If you have any questions about this publication and its contents, we are available to support you through Vexty’s familiar service channels.

    Easy to understand Annual Report. Vexty. Absolutely.

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