• Virtual meeting heats up the start of the Tribute to the Future Campaign

    DATE: 10/01/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Agents of the Future, coordinators and members of the campaign committee spoke about their expectations at the start of the initiative, exchanged experiences and left suggestions to further enhance this year’s results

    The meeting, held virtually on September 25th, was attended by more than 30 members of all Odebrecht Group businesses and marked the beginning of the Tribute to the Future campaign (Tributo ao Futuro in Portuguese), an initiative that has united the Group for over 15 years, mobilizing resources for the education of adolescents. Focused on the Agents of the Future (Agentes do Futuro), who have dedicated themselves to the initiative and have chosen to help the Odebrecht Foundation mobilize people in favor of the cause, the meeting was also attended by the campaign coordinators for each business and by Luciano Guidolin, Guilherme Abreu, Fabio Wanderley and Cristiane Nascimento, leaders of this year’s campaign committee along with Daniel Villar.

    Agents of the Future, campaign coordinators and committee participated in the kick-off meeting

    “In my 25 years at Odebrecht, I can say that this is our Group’s most important social action ever. I had two opportunities to visit the Baixo Sul region and they were unique experiences. This is a scientifically evaluated program that has proven results, which demonstrates even more the relevance of our contribution”, said Luciano Guidolin, advisor to the Odebrecht S.A. CEO and member of the Odebrecht Foundation Board of Trustees. On behalf of the Odebrecht Foundation, Superintendent Fabio Wanderley thanked everyone for their participation. “This is an initiative that has a noble cause: education. We are very happy to see all of you engaged in this same objective and I thank everyone who is here and who, Undoubtedly, will contribute to our having a campaign that measures up to the importance of the cause,” he said

    Scheduled to officially begin on September 29, the Tribute to the Future campaign will have as its theme “What legacy do you want to leave to the world?”, being a reference to the legacy left by Norberto Odebrecht, founder of the Group, who would turn 100 on October 9th. For Guilherme Abreu, RAF People, Communication and Organization at Odebrecht S.A., the theme is a very important provocation, in addition to a beautiful homage: “Dr. Norberto taught us that we should form human beings who are better than us. This way, the world will be much better. I believe in this and I see that Tribute to the Future is a way for us to leave this legacy, because we contribute to the formation of adolescents for the future,” he added.

    Presented by Beatriz Lepikson, responsible for the Tribute to the Future at the Foundation, the meeting fulfilled the objective of keeping the members of the campaign informed and motivated. “Every year, the challenge increases and we set out in search of even better results. We are confident that, with the union of everyone here, we will achieve our goal”, she said Barbara Rezende, Future Agent at Horiens, reinforced her commitment to the cause. “I am one of the enthusiasts of this initiative because I know how transformative it is.” she said.


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