• Vexty: 30 years of inspiring people to make good choices for a safer future

    DATE: 06/17/2024

    Published by: Vexty

    This year Vexty celebrates three decades of history, marked by achievements, innovations and great results. Born to help Participants and Assisted Members build a more secure future, our Entity is today one of the leaders in the private pension sector, responsible for the 8th largest Defined Contribution Plan in Brazil.

    Over these 30 years, the Vexty team has stood out for its ethical, honest and transparent performance, managing more than 4 billion in assets for more than 20,000 Participants and Assisted Persons, always counting on the fundamental partnership of the Sponsors and the guidance and zealous monitoring of the Deliberative and Fiscal Councils.

    The Vexty Plan is a benchmark in the pension sector due to its distinctive features, which were created to meet the individual expectations of each Participant, such as flexibility to adjust monthly contributions, various investment profile options, a contribution from the sponsoring company staggered according to the chosen contribution percentage, its own accumulated balance, no grace period for redemption, free access to PrevSeguro, the Conscious Loan Program, flexibility for Assisted Persons to choose how to receive their funds and many other benefits.

    Supplementary pensions play a fundamental role in long-term financial planning and it is an honor for us to be part of the investment plan for the future of so many Participants and the enjoyment of Assisted Persons, supporting the achievement of quality of life and well-being in the post-career period.

    To celebrate our 30th anniversary, a series of actions and events will be held throughout the year, including lectures and online meetings, videocasts with special guest appearances and transformative financial and pension education initiatives, as well as the implementation of improvements for excellence in all the solutions offered, so that Participants and Assisted Members can enjoy the benefits of a well-planned future with peace of mind.

    You will also notice the seal in honor of the 30th anniversary on the visual identity of all our media outlets. And to further enhance the trajectory of our Entity, we have prepared a commemorative video that reflects our reason for existing, our vision and our pride in being Vexty.

    As we look ahead, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence, innovation and care for our Participants and Assisted Persons. With 30 years of experience and the certainty that we are heading in the right direction, we are ready to face the next challenges, guaranteeing security in the management of our Participants’ and Assisted Members’ assets, and closely supporting their journeys towards the future.


    Keep counting on us!

    Mauro Figueira


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