• Trust me: for insurance, always contact an insurance broker!

    DATE: 07/15/2019

    Published by: Horiens

    Article by: Alessandra Seixas, People Insurance manager at OCS, team member for 30 years

    Heard of that saying “For insurance, always contact an insurance broker!”? Believe it!

    When you have toothache, you go to a dentist, don’t you? And when your faucet leaks, you better call a plumber. So, if you want to take insurance coverage, you must look for an insurance broker, right?

    Exactly. The market has become kind of messy. There are people who say you can get your faucet fixed for a cheap price, but at the end of the day it will give you a greater headache. With insurance, it’s the same thing. Be alert.

    We are frequently contacted by credit card companies, department stores and e-commerce websites, offering products such as life, personal accident, health, travel, car, home and other types of insurance… a veritable avalanche of “offers” at “unbelievable prices.” An impulsive purchase of an insurance policy or one “tied” to the purchase of a product in any store, without proper advice of a professional, can mean unnecessary expenditure, or worse: the illusion of being protected. We only understand this when we realize that we have no idea of what guarantees “that insurance” offers us or if we paid the right price for it.

    As the insurance brokerage arm of the Odebrecht Group, it is our duty to act as consultants to team members and to caution them about the increase in this type of approach.

    Until recently, insurance brokers were seen merely as sellers, but this has changed a lot. Today they are seen as consultants who can help you in deciding about how to protect life and property. Insurance brokers require a license to exercise their profession. They take a qualifying exam to obtain their professional license issued by SUSEP, the insurance regulatory agency.

    The insurance broker is capable of understanding your protection needs and identifying the insurance that fits them. You are free to ask anything you want, know what you are contracting, and compare the plans and insurers. And the insurance broker must clarify all your doubts until you are confident of buying a policy.

    Your insurance broker must also help you understand all of the insurance jargon found in the proposal and the policy (the document that formalizes an insurance agreement.) You must be aware of your rights and insurer’s obligations and clearly understand what your insurance will not cover. Ever imagined finding out at the worst moment that you cannot count on your insurance?

    So, if you have a qualified and trained professional at your disposal to take care of your protection, why will you get yourself into hot water by contracting insurance without their help? Contacting your insurance broker is always the safest decision!

    Don’t you have a broker? We are at your disposal. Contact OLA Pessoas, the OCS service channel:
    • VoIP 5071-1234
    • (71) 3206-1234
    • 0800 740-1234

    You might be interested in exploring the insurance policies that OCS offers you and your family.
    • Health or dental insurance
    • Supplementary life or personal accidents
    • International travel
    • Residence or rent guarantee insurance


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