• Tribute to the Future: check out the result of the last campaign!

    DATE: 03/04/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    In 2019, mobilization brought together more than 4,000 people who believe in people

     2019/20 campaign celebrated 15 years by uniting people who believe in people

    In 2019, when the Tribute to the Future program completed 15 years of history, more than 4,000 people were united by the belief in the human being and the opportunity to contribute so that hundreds of adolescents can have access to quality education and can enterprise in the field with their families, preserving the environment. With the theme “uniting people who believe in people,” last year’s campaign raised BRL 2 million, mobilizing not only Odebrecht Members but also society.

    Companies such as Braskem, Cetrel, Atvos, Odebrecht S.A., OR, OEC, Grupo A TARDE and Federação das Indústrias do Estado da Bahia (FIEB) hosted mobilizations that presented the initiative, raised funds from donations and showed part of the fruit of the contributions, from family agriculture products grown from the beneficiaries’ crops – young students from the Casas Familiares (Family Homes), rural schools partners of the Odebrecht Foundation in carrying out its Social Program, the PDCIS. “We expanded our connections and established new spaces for dialogue. These exchanges were paramount for us to show the Foundation’s actions to more organizations and the importance of the campaign for adolescent education,” said Thiago Maciel, responsible for the 2019 Tribute to the Future campaign.

    Lais Amorim and Hannah de Andrade, Members of Braskem, called friends to participate in the Tribute to the Future campaign

    Within the Odebrecht Group, some 150 Members worked in its Businesses as Agents of the Future, encouraging colleagues to engage and bring friends to support the cause. By voluntarily wearing the shirt of mobilization, they did their part in the result of the campaign. Ada Ferreira, from Prosub-EBN, believes that through the Tribute to the Future program, it is possible to make a difference in the construction of a more just society. “The great motivation to be part of this initiative is to believe in the potential of the human being and the capacity to evolve through education. The Tribute has been helping to form students, giving them the opportunity to qualify and broaden their knowledge,” she says.


    The funds raised by the initiative are deposited directly into the account of the Municipal Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents through the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA), which, after approval of projects via public notice, pass them on to the Casa Familiar Agroflorestal  (Cfaf), Casa Familiar Rural de Igrapiúna  [ (CFR-I) and Casa Familiar Rural de Presidente Tancredo Neves  (CFR-PTN). These institutions are rural high schools integrated with technical studies located in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands and are part of the Odebrecht Foundation Social Program.

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