• Tribute to the Future 2018 results announced

    DATE: 02/27/2019

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Check out the numbers of the latest campaign and the actions implemented last year.

    Since 2004, youth from the Baixo Sul region of Bahia have benefited from the Tribute to the Future.

    More than 5,300 social investors participated in the Tribute to the Future campaign in 2018, which raised more than R$2.3 million and which will be used this year in educational projects focused on vocational training as well as social and productive inclusion of teenagers in the rural areas of the Baixo Sul region in Bahia. An initiative of the Odebrecht Foundation, the Tribute mobilizes people inside and outside the Odebrecht Group, fostering the culture of donation and stimulating participation in actions that enable hundreds of youth to have access to quality education.

    The results obtained in 2018 prove the strength and engagement of the campaign as it surpassed the 2017 edition in number of social investors and funds raised, showing the commitment of Odebrecht Team Members and other donors to the Tribute’s mission. “This campaign reaffirmed everyone’s commitment to an important social cause: education. Despite the challenges faced in 2018, we achieved very significant results,” said Fabio Wanderley, head of the Odebrecht Foundation.

    Campaign highlights

    The funds raised are deposited directly into the account of the Municipal Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents through the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA) which, after approving the projects through a public call notice, transfers the funds to the Agroforest Family Home (Cfaf), Rural Family Home of Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and Rural Family Home of Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN). These institutions are rural high schools that also offer vocational programs. Located in the Baixo Sul region of Bahia, these are part of the Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), created and coordinated by the Odebrecht Foundation, which seeks to make a social, economic and environmental transformation in the lives of people in this region.

    Team members from Braskem who work as Agents of the Future during a visit to one of the sponsored projects

    Between September 24 and early December 2018, when the funds were raised, all Odebrecht Group businesses participated in the initiative, which also saw the participation of 185 Agents of the Future– volunteer team members who encourage coworkers, relatives and friends to make donations. At the Tribute to the Future booths set up at Group offices and units, team members could take a virtual tour of the projects through a 360º video that captures the study routine and agricultural practices of the students. Items produced by students from the Family Homes, such as chocolate and honey, were on display. In all, more than 20 campaigns were held across Brazil.

    Another highlight during the fundraising period was the creation of new communication channels for Tribute to the Future, such as a website, a landline and a WhatsApp contact, which were used by investors to clarify doubts and make donations in a more practical manner.

    2018 Results

    As proof of its transparency and commitment to social investors, the Odebrecht Foundation disclosed the key initiatives rolled out in 2018 using the funds raised by the 2017 Tribute to the Future campaign: around 4,800 donors and R$2.2 million raised.

    Highlights include the number of Educational-Productive Projects (PEPs) implemented: 386. At the PEPs, students carry out their first plantation in productive areas, receiving inputs and instructions from schools to start growing crops in their properties, generating income and reinvesting the profit in new production cycles. “With the PEP, I can help my family acquire the knowledge to increase our production and also run my own business,” said Natiliane Conceição, student of CFR-I. At the three Family Homes, 316 boys and girls were registered in PEPs. More than 1,200 students have completed the projects since 2012. Funds from Tribute to the Future have indirectly benefited more than 11,000 people.

    Visit the Odebrecht Foundation website to learn about the 2018 Results and about all the educational actions implemented with the support of social investors.

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