• There is still time to change your Investor Profile!

    DATE: 04/13/2023

    Published by: Vexty

    Until April 30 you, participant of the Vexty Plan, can change your Investor Profile.

    In order to make this change, all you need to do is log into your restricted Participant area, go to the Services Menu > About your Investor Profile > Choose Investor Profile and formalize your choice.

    Should you have any doubt, click here and find out which Investor Profile is recommended for you, according to the Vexty Plan’s Investor Profile Model* or check out our “Fique por Dentro” newsletter, Special edition: Keeping an eye on the 2023 Investor Profile campaign – 1st window, to access more information about the Profiles and their Asset Classes.

    You can change your Investor Profile as many times as you deem necessary. The last formalized option shall be valid.

    The profitability of the newly chosen Profile shall start to impact your assets in Vexty from July onwards.

    I you don’t have the Vexty Plan yet, start now and plan your investment for the future.

    To be take control of your investments. Vexty. Absolutely.

    *the model takes into account the year of birth + expectation of entering post-career phase (at 65 years old).

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