• The Odebrecht Foundation promotes the donation of books to Family House

    DATE: 10/10/2019

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    For the Portuguese writer José Saramago, “reading is, probably, another way of being in a place”.  During the month of September, the students of the Casas Familiares won many new places to go by means of literature: in partnership with the Odebrecht Group, the Odebrecht Foundation donated 5,626 books to the schools.

    Danilo Carvalho and Quionei Aráujo (CFR-PTN) next to Cristiane Nascimento (Foundation) during the donation ceremony

    The books are all national works of literature covering the themes of environment, sustainability, education and culture, in addition to publications that make up the Odebrecht Business Technology (Tecnologia Empresarial Odebrecht – TEO). The donations were divided between the Casa Familiar Agroflorestal (Cfaf), Casa Familiar Rural de Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and Casa Familiar Rural de Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN), NGOs partnering with the Odebrecht Foundation for the execution of its Social Program, PDCIS – Programa de Desenvolvimento e Crescimento Integrado com Sustentabilidade ( Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability Program) .

    The books will aid in the education of hundreds of youths who study at the Casas Familiares, as points out Quionei Araújo, director of the CFR-PTN. “We will use this material mainly in our literature classes. This is a great need that we had. The books will also contribute to our reading workshops in which we distribute awards to the students who read most”, he explains.

    Education for Sustainable Development

    For Cristiane Nascimento, in charge of the Foundation’s Communication and Sustainability area, enabling this donation is one more way in which the institution reinforces its commitment to quality education. “The promotion of Education for Sustainable Development is one of our work fronts. We believe that, with quality education, we can build a more just and equal opportunity society”, she says.

    Marcelo Gentil, in charge of the Odebrecht S.A. Communication area for the Northeastern region, explains that this donation is also the result of a desire to share knowledge. “We have a large collection in our library in Salvador and for this reason we decided to donate the works to institutions that could benefit from the content”, he affirms.

    In addition to the Casas Familiares, the Federal University of Bahia (Universidade Federal da Bahia – Ufba), the Museum of Art of Bahia (Museu de Arte da Bahia – MAB) and the rare book laboratory of the São Bento Monastery (Mosteiro de São Bento) will also receive publications. “We separated the items by themes. Everything was classified so that the donation could be segmented to each partner”, explains Gentil.


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