• Tenenge and Enseada attend OTC 2024 in Houston

    DATE: 05/13/2024

    Published by: Enseada Tenenge

    During the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), an event that this week brought together the main global players in the world’s naval and oil & gas markets in Houston (USA), bilateral meetings were held involving potential Brazilian companies that supply products and services to the sector.

    One of these events was “Maritime Industries Connections – Brazil Offshore Energy Sector Roundtable Business Meeting – Brazilian Shipyards Map“, an initiative of the Brazilian Oil and Gas Institute (IBP) and Petrobras, with the support of Apex Brasil, BNDES and Sinaval. The aim of the meeting, which brought together the main Brazilian and international shipyards, was to establish partnerships and create solutions to serve the Brazilian offshore market. The meeting brought together 36 companies from Brazil and 18 from other countries, as well as industry organizations. Tenenge and Enseada, companies of the Novonor Group, attended the event.

    The Vice-President of Sinaval, Maurício Almeida, who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enseada Shipyard and Managing Director of Tenenge, was one of the speakers at the opening of the event.

    On that occasion, Almeida spoke about the Brazilian and global shipbuilding industry, especially about how to improve industrial productivity and business and economic competitiveness in order to expand the sector. “In the shipbuilding and offshore sector, the first competition is between nations, then between shipyards. In recent years, we have seen some countries using state banks to grant almost unlimited credit to shipyards and carrying out swap operations, converting debt into equity, as a way of subsidizing Asian shipyards, unbalancing the parameters of competitiveness in the sector,” said Almeida.

    The CEO of Enseada Shipyard, Ricardo Ricardi, believes that this was a great opportunity to strengthen national shipyards. “The promotion of this event was a clear demonstration that Brazilian industry is looking for the necessary means to serve the offshore area. And we’re well positioned for that,” he says.

    At the end of the event, a business roundtable was held, in which all the companies present had the opportunity to exchange information and make connections with a view to potential partnerships.

    The meeting was attended by the president of IBP, Roberto Ardenghy, the director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation at Petrobras, Carlos José Travassos, and the president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, as well as leaders of organizations and companies in the sector.

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