• Surety bond: an essential tool to enable business transactions

    DATE: 07/27/2023

    Published by: Horiens

    The third episode of the web series that presents the way Horiens works on the most diverse insurance fronts is already on air.

    In this episode, the theme is Surety Bond, a type of insurance used to guarantee the faithful fulfillment of the obligations of a contract, such as public and private works, provision of services, supply of products, among others.

    “It is an independent attestation performed by insurers in relation to the delivery capacity of the company responsible for the contract”, details Matheus Chammas, director of Surety Bond, Credit Insurance and Political Risks at Horiens. “Surety bond is a requirement for contracts and bids, and to be well placed, it is necessary to have a structured approach to understand and present the risks of the project or business to insurance companies,” Matheus adds.

    The use of this product allows companies to leverage their credit capacity without burdening their credit lines with banks. In addition, as Surety Bond is considered a credit line option, it is a product with wide use also as a Judicial Guarantee.

    Horiens has extensive experience as a broker responsible for the intermediation of Surety Bond policies for large projects in industries of the most varied segments.

    Want to know more about Surety Bond?

    Watch the third episode of our series ‘Together, we anticipate the future’ by clicking on the image below or by following the link:

    Watch the previous episodes and stay on top of the business insurance universe

    Also, check out the first episode of the series, which explains our approach as a specialized risk management consultancy and insurance brokerage, and the second episode, which focuses on our perspective on health and benefits policies, such as health and life insurance, among others.

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