• Supported adolescents participate in presentations with members of the Odebrecht Group

    DATE: 12/03/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Joyce Silva, Jhemily Assunção and Fábio Santos, students from the Odebrecht Foundation’s partner Family Homes (Casas Familiares), attended virtual meetings to talk about the Tribute to the Future campaign

    Aiming to strengthen the Tribute to the Future campaignbefore with members of the Odebrecht Group, adolescents who study at the Odebrecht Foundation’s partner Family Homes in the execution of its Social Program, the PDCIS, participated in a series of presentations with Group businesses, with the objective of reinforcing the initiative before members.

    Joyce Silva, Jhemily Assunção and Fábio Santos, students of the Casa Familiar Agroflorestal (CFAF), Casa Familiar Rural de Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and Casa Familiar Rural de Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN), respectively, attended virtual meetings with teams from OR, Braskem and Ocyan, in which they gave testimonials about their routines in the field and how access to quality education is making a difference in their lives.

    Jhemily (first window of the second line), a CFR-I student, in a presentation to Braskem members

    In 2020, due to the social distancing imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tribute to the Future campaign is occurring in virtual format only. Therefore, mobilizations via video conference with the participation of young protagonists such as Joyce, Jhemily and Fábio is a way to bring people closer to the reality of the adolescents who study in the Family Homes in the Baixo Sul region of Bahia and to show how, from a donation to the Tribute to the Future campaihn, it is possible to contribute so that other adolescents can develop in the rural area.

    For Rita Cardoso, CFAF director, the possibility for young people to participate in meetings with members of the Odebrecht Group is an opportunity to show the work performed in favor of the formation of future generations: “We are very proud of our student Joyce! Her life story and resourcefulness contagiate all of us. We are also very happy with this recognition. Thank you all for your support and confidence,” she says.

    The meetings have produced positive results. Kátia Santos, a member of Ocyan and Agent of the Future, explains that virtual mobilization becomes more effective when people interact directly with the beneficiaries: “The presentation was very good. I appreciate the participation”, she comments.

    Beatriz Lepikson, responsible for Social Partnerships and the Tribute to the Future campaign at the Odebrecht Foundation, explains that this interaction is positive for the entire Group: “We cannot be physically together. Bringing together adolescents supported by the members allows us to humanize the campaign and show donors the real impact that each contribution has on the lives of adolescents like Joyce, Jhemily and Fábio, highlighting the social transformation in practice. We are very grateful to the companies of the Odebrecht Group that have given us these spaces”, he says.

    Want to learn more about the Tribute  to the Future campaign and make a donation? Click here and leave your legacy to the world!


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