• Sport for the Future

    DATE: 10/27/2022

    Published by: Enseada

    On October 11th, at Cobepa’s headquarters in São Roque do Paraguaçu, Enseada participated in the launch of the Sports for the Future Project, an action carried out in partnership with the Association of Fishermen and women, Shellfish Gatherers, Farmers and Residents of São Roque and Enseada do Paraguaçu – APMALAM.  The activity was attended by 56 students from the various sports modalities, teachers, family members, and residents of the district, in addition to representatives from the company.

    The Project is an initiative by APMALAM, with the support of Enseada and Copa Engenharia Ambiental, which provided sports materials for the development of the following sports: Soccer, Futsal, Volleyball, Capoeira, and Functional Training. This action will benefit about 130 children, young people, and teenagers from the communities of São Roque and Enseada do Paraguaçu, who have sports as a local vocation.

    “Sport for the Future” aims to support the development of sports, leisure, teamwork, and team spirit, in addition to promoting activities to prepare for a healthy life that can minimize the rate of violence and access to drugs, growing in the communities in times of pandemic, in addition to fighting for a better future and doing what they love most.

    According to João Costa community leader and APMALAM president:

    “I have been developing activities for the community and for needy families for many years in São Roque do Paraguaçu, and today the “Sport for the Future” project counts on Enseada’s partnership. It is a reality for the youth, teenagers, and children of our community, unattended many times due to the lack of public policies. Today we see this partnership at such a difficult moment which has shown new horizons for new conquests and a more promising future for these young people from our community. And here’s my thanks to everyone involved in the project, sponsors, and Enseada.”

    For Enseada, supporting initiatives of this nature represents a bridge to the future of this young generation, since sports are considered a vehicle for education. Its daily practice enables the internalization of fundamental values in the life of individuals such as respect for others, civility and coexistence rules, discipline, teamwork, and cooperation, besides contributing to their physical and mental development.

    The company starts from the premise that sports should not be limited and accessed by a few, but should favor everyone who is interested and available, as happens spontaneously in the communities of São Roque and Enseada do Paraguaçu, in a cooperative, voluntary, and knowledge-exchange system.

    According to community leader Robson Gomes, “for more than 40 years I have been developing sports activities aimed at assisting children, teenagers, and young people from the community. The donation of this material has a great meaning for our young people and teenagers because it will give continuity to sports within the community, which will certainly bear good fruit in the future.”

    Still in October, the Project that integrates the scope of the Children’s Day actions will also be launched in Enseada do Paraguaçu.


    This action is part of the scope of Enseada’s social responsibility actions and the Environmental Education and Social Communication Programs – PEA and PCS of the Operation Permit No. 19,900, of January 07, 2020, and the Amendment License No. 20.117, of February 14, 2020, issued by the Institute of Environment and Water Resources – INEMA.


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