• Cyber insurance and LGPD are the topics of Fluid Podcast

    DATE: 02/22/2022

    Published by: Horiens

    Check out the chat attended by specialists from Horiens, DR&A Advogados and GC Security

    The exponential increase in cybercrime and the movement to adapt companies to the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD) in Brazil are major agendas involving companies of all sizes and segments.

    To talk about this scenario, the Fluid Podcast, GC Security’s program focused on digital security, gathered a team specialized in the subject. Besides Clara Hennel and Pedro Silveira, from GC, the chat was attended by Carolina Oger, from DR&A Advogados, and Paula Caixeta, from Horiens Risk Advisors.

    “This is a relatively new agenda, even for large companies,” GC’s Clara points out. “The experiences of the professionals invited to our podcast are complementary and bring an end-to-end look at risk in the digital environment – from risk identification, controls, preventive and protective actions to risk transfer and regulation of claims arising from cybercrime,” he explains.

    How is your company dealing with the reality of cyber-attacks? Are you prepared to act in these situations? Whose responsibilities are they and how do you protect yourself? Is the perception of information security risk still low? Is this type of insurance for all companies?

    These were some of the topics discussed by the experts in the Fluid Podcast.

    Listen to this episode of Fluid on Spotify or watch it on YouTube.

    Conheça alguns trechos:

    Paula Caixeta, from Horiens

    “It’s not a question of whether your company will be attacked, but when it will happen.”

    “Often the impact of a cyberattack is so great that insurance will not only mitigate losses, but make it possible for your business to continue operating.”

    “Insurers are increasingly selective and demanding. Companies need to be aware of this and prove that they are improving their risk profile. If the issue takes a back seat, the company will not be able to transfer its risk to an insurance company. That is the scenario today.”


    Carolina Oger, from DR&A Advogados

    “There are different blocks of cyber insurance coverage. It is necessary to understand the company’s profile, how it is performing in the digital environment, the main vulnerabilities. There is also E&O insurance, which deals with errors and omissions, which is increasingly in demand.”

    “With regard to the LGPD, policies can cover costs related to damages to third parties and administrative fines, from sanctions by the National Data Protection Authority to situations involving the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the case of data involving consumers.”

    “Insurance is another layer of security. It is like car insurance. Even if you take all the care, you are still exposed, you may need it.”


    Pedro Silveira, da GC Security

    “Brazil is the second most affected country in Latin America in cyberattacks. There were more than 16 billion attempted attacks in the first half of 2021. If on the one hand the volume is frightening, on the other it increases the awareness of companies about the problem, which is positive.”

    “The risk is great, but we know it tends to get worse. Digital hijacking is growing more and more. The digital mafias are organized. There is today what we call ransomware as a service.”


     To learn more about the solution offered by Horiens and GC Security, access:

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