• What’s ahead in 2019? We talked with Odebrecht Group leaders and team members about their expectations for this year. Read their testimonials

    DATE: 01/22/2019

    Published by: Novonor


    “Expectations are high for Brazil to begin a new growth cycle. The opinion is shared by experts observing the signs coming out of the new administration. Now it’s up to us to continue making the adjustments needed so that Odebrecht Engineering & Construction can position itself in the market competitively. With its renowned technical capacity, E&C can rebuild its backlog with high-quality projects to ensure its sustainable growth.”
    José Eduardo Quintella, Chief Operating Officer Brazil, OEC



    “I believe that we’ve entered a year of new cycles. I’ve been repeating this often since last year, because the moment is marked by optimism. For us at PROSUB, concluding the first phase of the launch of the submarine Riachuelo late last year was a very important milestone for all of us. The launch has renewed our spirits so that we can continue building prosperous paths to the future.”
    Juliana Lucas Barroso, Architect in Submarine Development Program, Prosub



    “We have started 2019 full of positive expectations for a recovery in the oil and gas industry. After an excellent 2018 at Ocyan, which included the launch of our new brand, our recertification as a supplier to Petrobras and excellent financial, operating and safety results, we’re ready to capture the opportunities that will emerge.”
    Clarice Romariz, Executive Officer, JV TK-Ocyan



    “The quality of the services rendered by the teams at OLI was decisive in enabling the Odebrecht Group to continue operating in Peru and to reach the final phase of signing the leniency agreements. In 2019, we will conclude the divestment of key assets under the financial restructuring plan, paving the way for new opportunities. I want to express my complete admiration and appreciation to the thousands of team members and former team members for their commitment to building and, more recently, rebuilding this new company. I’m confident that this will be a special year for leveraging the recovery in this industry, which 40 years ago became the Group’s first international market.”
    Maurício Cruz, Business Leader at Odebrecht Latinvest



    “The year 2019 began with renewed hopes for Brazil’s economy, especially in the construction industry. It’s time to plan and agreed upon our PAs to start a new growth cycle. Supported by our people and culture, we have the capacity to surmount challenges so that we can deliver the best products to our clients, improve our results and develop each team member. Our synergy, trust and determination will make a difference so that we can grow together during 2019. May this year be, above all, one of humility and courage so that we can dream, believe, be bold and make it happen!”
    Eduardo Pedreira, Director for Northeast, OR



    “2019 will continue to be a year of changes in our pursuit of stability and balance, which are essential when embarking on new growth cycles. We must have the courage to attain new heights without fear of innovating or being bold. With planning, drive and the capacity to dream and realize, we will transform ideas into opportunities, opportunities into projects and projects into actual results.”
    Juliana Baiardi, Business Leader, Odebrecht TransPort



    “When a new year starts, everyone has high expectations, it’s always like that! And I’m no different. I see the start of a new year with optimism, because it brings with it a sense of renewal and opportunity. In 2019, I will seek balance, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We have experienced massive change in all aspects of our lives, and balance is the best tool for dealing with the ruptures imposed on us and for making the necessary adaptations in our personal and professional lives. I hope that 2019 is kind to all of us and, especially, our Group!”
    Beatriz Schiesari, member of Braskem support team – Odebrecht Insurance Brokerage



    “For 2019, we hope to learn from our lessons. I hope that more colleagues come round to the importance of long-term financial planning and the fantastic opportunity that the Odebrecht Group offers through the Odeprev Plan. As the leader of the Odebrecht Retirement Fund, I can encourage and provoke people, but I can’t decide for them. Each person must make that decision. However, my goal always is to offer investment plans that are robust, less expensive, more profitable, safer and more transparent, and with impeccable governance.”
    Sérgio Brinckmann, Leader of Odebrecht Retirement Fund



    “2019 will be a year to consolidate ourselves as a concession with services that promote the country’s development. We started the year with the great satisfaction of having overcome our past challenges. That means that we now have the foundation for strengthening ourselves and meeting the goal of always being at the service of the people who benefit directly or indirectly from our work. In 2019, we will achieve our goals through the participation of all us team members. With strong motivation and maximum effort, we will achieve our goals.”
    Juan Carlos Rojas, Head of IIRSA Sur Sales, Odebrecht Latinvest



    “New beginnings always bring hope for better times, changes and a universe of possibilities. I hope and believe that this will be a very positive year for the entire real estate industry. We’ve seen many launches with strong sales. OR already has resumed its activities in the Northeast with an amazing project in various different aspects. This year, we hope to start operating again in the Southeast with the resumption of a new and significant project.”
    Aline Torti, Southeast Project Manager, OR



    “In 2019, I hope that more people come to see the importance of planning what seems far off (but is not): the future. I hope to work with projects and challenges to attract, through much hard work, more and more members to the Odeprev Plan so that they can see the importance and urgency of planning for retirement in line with their future goals. I hope to see more and more people becoming agents of their own destiny not just for this year, but for their entire lives.”
    Luma Jardim, Team Member at Odebrecht Retirement Fund



    “In 2019, I hope that Odebrecht Engineering & Construction continues to reinvent itself so that more and more students have the same opportunities as me when I joined the company. With Education through Work, I have been growing in different PAs and hope that more people can benefit from the huge scale of the knowledge and learning offered by the company.”
    Witiney Barata, Head of Sales at Laúca Hydroelectric Plant in Angola, OEC




    “I hope that 2019 is a year of great achievements for the Odebrecht Group, with the consequent recognition by society of our importance to the countries where we operate. And even more challenges, surpassing of expectations and pride in belonging for all team members.”
    Fabio Wanderley, Superintendent of Odebrecht Foundation




    “I’m optimistic on 2019! I sense that Brazil too is optimistic, anticipating the new developments in the economy and politics. At Odebrecht, I believe that we will continue to move forward to overcome the challenges ahead and that 2019 will, without a doubt, be an important year for the Group and for all of us on the path that we are building!
    Martha Melo, Financial Manager, Odebrecht S.A.



    “In 2019, our focus will be on providing tireless support to Odebrecht Engineering & Construction by resuming credit with insurers. We hope to help rebuild the company’s backlog, which is key to its future cash flow. We also will seek to reap the rewards from the innovation initiatives we implemented in 2018 in technology and through a more quantitative vision of risk management, consistent with the Group’s new position on the matter. We also will remain firm in our mission of structuring equations with insurers that leverage our business competitiveness to support growing results.”
    Marcelo Neves, Head of Odebrecht Insurance Brokerage


    “For 2019, we will continue our active, innovative and transparent posture for protecting the points critical for maintaining our commitment to making people’s lives better. We’re responsible for evolving to achieve our dreams, uphold our culture and overcome the challenges ahead with much hard work, respect and the courage to change.”
    Thiago Maciel, Coordinator of Odebrecht Foundation’s Tribute to the Future




    “May 2019 be a special year of many achievements, new ways of seeing the world and important transformations that bring harmony, lightness and peace. May it be a year of stronger connections among people with more love, empathy and respect. May the year bring wisdom and progress and be full of smiles, happiness and reasons to celebrate!”
    Viviane Yamaguti, P&O Talent Management, Braskem




    How about you? What do you expect in 2019? Leave your responses in the comments space

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