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    DATE: 05/16/2022

    Published by: Horiens

    See how home insurance can help!

    In case you never thought about having home insurance, now it is a good time to consider. As we are spending more time at home, the chances of needing one or more types of insurance coverage increase.

    Most people don’t know, but in addition to fire damage, there are many other useful insurance types.

    Most people don’t know, but in addition to fire damage coverage, there are several others that are a real helping hand in your routine.

    What do you mean?

    Home insurance offers many types of coverage: to your property and goods inside, accidental damages caused by a policyholder – or a pet – and 24-hour assistance services such as plumbing, electricians, and locksmiths.

    Even so, currently approximately only 15% of the Brazilian households have home insurance. The demand is low for a few reasons. “The first one is that most people do not know coverage options. Another influencing factor is the lack of a more structured look at the risks we are exposed to in our daily lives,” explains Verena Sá, in charge for the home insurance product at Horiens’ Personal Insurance sector.

    Insurance with special conditions for members and dependants
    Horiens offers Novonor Group members and their dependants the option to hire home insurance with advantages compared to those in the market. “At Horiens, we always try to offer the best cost-benefit ratio as a differential. Furthermore, we always hope to contribute so that members and their families understand the importance of protecting themselves – and manage to do so,” says Verena.

    Horiens has a personal insurance portfolio available for members and dependants, such as life, travel and car insurance, and others. Home insurance is one of those options. “People should know that this type of insurance is available, as the cost in relation to the amount covered is low, especially if we consider the costs with emergency repairs, like a broken pipe, for example,” Verena informs. “In many cases, the expense with a plumber is much higher than the cost of keeping your home covered for a year,” she points out.

    It is important to emphasize that home insurance can also be taken if you live in a rented property, this way you will be free from the costs of any repairs that may result from an event covered by the insurance.

    Check out the main Home Insurance types:

    • Fire, lightning and explosion
    • Glass Break
    • Electrical damage
    • Accidental Damages caused to third parties
    • Plumber, electrician, locksmith services


    Can I get a quote before hiring?

    Yes, during quotation stage you will specify which risks your home is most exposed to. The tip is: don’t get carried away by the lowest cost, make sure that you are hiring a coverage aligned to your need.

    Check out the steps:

    • To get a quote, fill out the form on the insurance profile that best suits your home. It is simple and fast. Click here to access.
    • Wait for Allianz’s customer service team to contact you
    • Check the conditions and ask all your questions with the team.
    • If you wish to hire, all you have to do is tell us and wait for the instructions to issue and sign the policy.


    If you have any questions, the Horiens team is ready to help you.

    11 3096-8080 ou 0800 740 1234 | |

    Be well, be safe.

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