• For a more sustainable future

    DATE: 06/17/2021

    Published by: News

    Have you ever minded to think about how you are impacting the world around you? This is the question that the Norbert Odebrecht Foundation and Novonor S.A. left for the more than 30,000 members of the business group with the launch of a special campaign this Thursday (17). The action began with the sending of the first of a series of infomails addressing the ways everyone can contribute to creating a more sustainable future for themselves and for future generations. At launch, Novonor business members received a video highlighting the reflection on the topic.

    The campaign also includes a special hotsite ( in which new content will be published weekly, with more details on how it is possible to positively impact the world – often in a very simple way. Accessing it, members can learn more about the topic and share the material with their colleagues, friends, or family members. Until July, the campaign will continue by sending other communications in infomails and other corporate networks of the Novonor Group, and updating the special page. Follow us!

    Click here and watch the launching video.

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