• Braskem’s Green Plastic takes the form of chairs launched by Tramontina

    DATE: 07/23/2018

    Published by: Braskem

    Combining design sophistication with ecologically correct practices is the proposition made by the Jet and Paco chairs, which are the product of a partnership by Braskem and Tramontina. The products are made from I’m greenTM Green Plastic, a sustainable innovation by Braskem that is the world’s first biobased polyethylene (PE) to be produced on an industrial scale.





    Paco Line

    Made from sugarcane ethanol, the green resin has the same physical properties as conventional PE and can be fully recycled in the traditional recycling chain.  One of its main features is that the material captures 3.09 tons of CO2 for each ton of product made, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The green polyethylene also is 100% recyclable, which means that the CO2 captured remains fixed throughout the entire lifecycle of the final good.






    Jet Line

    With the same resistance, durability and weight of chairs made from fossil-based plastics, the Jet and Paco lines bear Braskem’s I’m greenTM seal, which helps consumers recognize products made from the Green Plastic produced at its Triunfo complex in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The plant has annual production capacity of 200 kta of renewable resin.


    To be able to bear the seal, products must undergo a carbon-14 test, which is the same one used to estimate the age of fossils found around the world. The test is conducted in New York and, to be approved, the product must contain at least 51% renewable material.


    The Jet and Paco chairs are already available for sale online and in stores. To see where to find them, go to



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