• People: the essence of Horiens’ culture

    DATE: 01/11/2024

    Published by: Horiens

    Horiens is a risk and insurance consultancy with 45 years’ experience in the market supporting major companies in a wide range of sectors. Its greatest asset is undoubtedly its people and the culture that unites them in the pursuit of knowledge and customer satisfaction.

    This is the theme of the fifth and final chapter of the web series ‘Together, we anticipate the future’. “If there wasn’t a marriage between their principles and the company’s culture, these 23 years wouldn’t have happened,” says Soraia Santiago, from the People Insurance team, who has been with the company for more than two decades.

    Education through work is a very strong feature of Horiens’ culture. “We place great value on training and educating people,” adds Marcio Santos, head of the company’s risk laboratory, Risk Labs.

    Horiens’ values are: customer satisfaction, planned delegation, creativity and innovation, a spirit of service, carrying out actions that benefit society, acting ethically, with integrity and transparency, diversity and inclusion, and promoting sustainable development.

    Culture happens on a daily basis, in the actions of each member and in the interactions between teams and with all the parties with whom we relate. “We see the consolidation of all this in the results we deliver to our clients,” concludes Gustavo Correa, from the Guarantees team.


    Do you want to know more about Our Culture and how it influences the way Horiens operates?



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    The second episode focuses on our look at health and benefits policies, such as health and life insurance, among others.

    The third episode details the importance of Guarantee Insurance in making projects viable.

    The fourth episode provides information on asset insurance and its role in protecting companies.

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