• Highest score in the reporting of anti-corruption practices

    DATE: 01/31/2018

    Published by: Novonor

    The NGO Transparency International (TI) has just released a new study on the transparency of corporate reports published by Brazil’s 100 largest companies and ten largest banks. The study assesses the quality of the information on corporate anti-corruption practices and the transparency in reporting organizational structures. Odebrecht S.A. and Braskem were among the assessed companies and scored above average. Learn more!


    The results of our efforts to ensure a workplace marked by ethical conduct, with integrity and transparency are starting to show! Odebrecht’s anti-corruption program scored 100% in the Transparency International study. Note that only nine companies attained this perfect score. In terms of organizational transparency, we scored 50%. In the overall index, our score was 7.5 on a scale from 0 to 10, which is above the average of 5.7 of the companies assessed.


    Braskem also achieved excellent results. With an overall score of 8.5, it received scores of 92% for its anti-corruption program and 75% for the transparency of its organizational structure.


    The study also assessed the level of transparency of the 53 largest Brazilian companies with international operations. In this group, only five companies achieved 100% on the transparency of their anti-corruption program, one of which was Odebrecht. In the item organizational transparency, our score of 50% remained unchanged. This part of the study also analyzed the reporting of financial results in each country where the companies operate. In this aspect, we did not receive any points. “To date, we have been reporting our earnings by Business, not by country, which influenced this score,” explained Sérgio Leão, head of Sustainability at Odebrecht S.A. In all, our score was 5.0, while the average score of the other companies was 4.5. “The study shows how we can improve our transparency and we already have committed to improving in this ranking,” he said.


    About the study

    The new report by Transparency International assessed how Brazilian companies report information on their anti-corruption practices, organizational structure and financial data for their operations in other countries, which, according to the NGO, are the three essential aspects for evaluating corporate transparency. The companies receive a score based on the quality of the information reported on these items and are ranked based on the score received.


    To learn more about the NGO Transparency International and its new report, visit: The study is very interesting and well worth reading.

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