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    DATE: 11/24/2022

    Published by: Horiens

    6 health problems that can be avoided with good oral hygiene

    Did you know that your health has a lot to do with your oral hygiene habits?

    The mouth is one of the main entrance doors for bacteria into our body. In addition, improper cleaning can be dangerous because it encourages the proliferation of microbes that cause infections, which can lead to various diseases.

    The greatest risk is when these microorganisms fall into the bloodstream and are transported to other organs. There are many studies that relate some diseases to oral hygiene conditions. Therefore, you cannot neglect your oral care routine.

    Learn about some problems that can be avoided with good oral hygiene

    1 – Bacterial Endocarditis

    When bacteria that live in the mouth reach the heart through the bloodstream, causing infection in the heart valves and arteries or in the tissues covering the organ, endocarditis occurs, which in some cases can be fatal. People who have pre-existing heart problems should double their care.

    2- Pneumonia

    The lungs can also be affected by bacteria from the mouth that end up in the bloodstream. In this case, the infection causes pneumonia, since the organ is not prepared to repel the bacteria that are not part of its natural habitat.

    3 – Premature Birth

    Pregnant women are more likely to have gum disease because of increased hormone levels. In addition to this factor, difficulties with oral hygiene due to frequent nausea and motion sickness contribute to the onset of diseases that can lead to premature births.

    4- Impotency

    Inflammation of the gums in which there is a large proliferation of bacteria is also an enemy of erection. The problem occurs when bacterial plaque moves into the veins of the penis causing clogging and, consequently, sexual dysfunction.

    5 – Oral cancer

    Mouth cancers start with uncontrolled cell division, often caused by injuries from ill-fitting dentures. However, poor hygiene and the formation of a favorable environment for infection can contribute to the evolution of the condition. A regular visit to the dentist not only helps diagnose oral tumors at an early stage, but also greatly increases the chances of cure.

    6- Aggravation of diabetes

    In the more advanced stages of gingivitis, in which bones and teeth are compromised, an uncontrolled metabolism can occur, affecting blood sugar levels. This change can make it as difficult to control diabetes as any other infection.

    By adopting good oral hygiene habits, you not only avoid these and other ills, but also achieve greater well-being and self-esteem. But, for this, it is important to have regular care: brushing your teeth after meals and before bedtime, using the correct materials for hygiene, maintaining a healthy diet, brushing the tongue, and visiting the dentist every six months are some tips to keep your oral health up to date.

    October 25th is National Oral Health Day. Take the opportunity to reflect on your habits and, if necessary, adopt more positive practices for you and your family.

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