• OR launches sales campaign with promotional prices

    DATE: 05/25/2018

    Published by: OR


    On June 9, OR held its first sales campaign of the year, called Encontro OR, with promotions on apartments, office suites, lots and hotel units. Altogether, special conditions are being offered on 27 projects located in ten cities and six states. The campaign will be held on June 9, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at the sales offices located at the company’s projects.

    “Encontro OR, our traditional event created to strengthen our relationship with customers, gets better with each new edition. This year, we’re offering new and exclusive promotions in all regions where we operate. It’s a great opportunity to talk face to face with buyers, to better understand their needs and to offer them the best conditions in order to close a deal,” said Marco Siqueira, CEO of OR.

    Encontro OR will be held simultaneously in the following cities: São Paulo, Santos, Santo André and Campinas (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador and Sauípe-Mata de São João (BA) and Reserva do Paiva (Recife Metro Area-PE). Those visiting the sales offices will gain access to the promotions offered at any of the locations.

    The opportunities are divided into five projects in the city of São Paulo, with two in Santos (SP), two in Santo André (SP) and one in Campinas (SP); one in Belo Horizonte (MG); two in Brasília (DF); and six in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In the Northeast, the units with promotions are in four projects located in Reserva do Paiva (PE), three in Salvador and one in Sauípe (BA).


    The addresses of the event to be held on June 9 follow:

    São Paulo (SP)

    – LED Barra Funda – Av. Marques de São Vicente, 1.619 – Sala 2704

    – Homenagem Jaçamã – Rua Antonio Borges, 33 – Jaçanã

    – Estação Gabriele – RUA Gabriele D`Annuncio, 48 – Campo Belo

    Campinas (SP):

    – Royal Campinas – Av. Royal Palm Plaza, n 100

    Santos (SP):

    – Valongo Brasil – Praça Lions Clube, 420 – Valongo

    Santo André (SP):

    – Cidade Viva – Av. Industrial, 1740

    Brasília (DF):

    – LED Águas Claras – QS 01, Lote 34/36, Loja 25 – Águas Claras

    Belo Horizonte (MG):

    – Parque Avenida – Avenida Raja Gabaglia, 2000

    Rio de Janeiro (RJ):

    – Seletto Business – Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1.111, loja 4 (Bloco corporativo) Barra da Tijuca

    Salvador (BA):

    – Parque Tropical – Rua Albertino Cabral Henrique, 212 – Patamares

    Sauípe (BA):

    – Reserva Sauípe, Costa de Sauípe – Mata de São João (BA)

    Reserva do Paiva (PE):

    – Varanda do Parque – Quadra B1, Lote 1A – Cabo de Santo Agostinho

    If you are interested in a unit, identify yourself as a team member and do not deal through a realtor in order to be eligible for the discount.

    Learn more about the event at

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