• OR delivers the second phase of Reserva Sauípe

    DATE: 06/01/2021

    Published by: News OR

    With the deliver, the development is 100% ready for living.

    Reserva Sauípe – a development of OR located on the northern coast of Bahia – held an event last weekend to consolidate the delivery of its second phase. With this stage completed, the condominium of lots is 100% ready for living and housing. During the delivery, with feijoada and baiana de acarajé (a typical Brazilian dish from Bahia) at the condominium club, the sales of nine lots have been consolidated.

    The delivery was attended by clients, owners, and OR staff. The Customer Relationship team was there to answer all questions about the units received. Partner construction companies also participated, Paiva Ribeiro Engenharia and Grifo Engenharia, which presented their work, answered questions about the works and planning with the owners.

    To get to know the condominium, golf carts were used, and clients were able to have an overview of the entire area of the Reserva, and see in more detail the attractions of the development.

    The event, restricted to customers and partners, was entirely carried out with safety protocols, taking place in an open-air environment, with temperature gauging at all accesses, availability of alcohol gel, and separate tables 1.5 meters apart.

    “We are happy to finish the construction work, and deliver a condominium 100% prepared to receive clients who are in search of a new living or staying experience in one of the most beautiful and preserved regions of the state, with all the appropriate structure to bring comfort and safety to those who come to enjoy Destino Sauípe.” highlighted OR’s LN, Eduardo Pedreira.

    About Reserva Sauípe

    Reserva Sauipe is a condominium with residential lots from 450m², located on the northern coast of Bahia, designed to offer privacy, comfort, contact with nature, and outdoor living spaces, security and leisure for all ages.

    To get to know the enterprise and schedule a customized visit to the site, contact: or (71) 99689-2494.

    See the delivery photos:



    See also the photos of Reserva Sauipe:

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