• Odebrecht Foundation systematizes its Social Technology

    DATE: 10/01/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Launched in September, the publication “How to implement the PDCIS”, the institution’s Social Program, is available in an open access version


    Following its objective of building a more responsible, harmonious and solidary society with equal opportunities for all, the Odebrecht Foundation is making its Social Technology available For application in other contexts of inequality. By means of the publication “How to implement PDCIS, its Social Program, the institution presents the systematization of a model for the implementation of a social program of sustainable development based on an experience with proven impacts.

    The project received the collaboration of several professionals, among them specialized reviewers, and started in 2019 with the pre-systemization: a stage which consisted of a review of the entire Foundation’s acquis and separation of the materials found by theme for further consultation. The stage of systematization itself included the development of the contents, with more than 60 hours of interviews conducted and approximately 300 documents researched, totaling approximately eight months of work that culminated in an interactive and easy to read publication , completed at the end of August.

    The publication is available to the general public in its visibility version

    “Systematizing was the first step for the responsible expansion of our Social Program to become a reality, just as our founder, Norberto Odebrecht, desired. We immersed ourselves in the more than 50 years of our history and in the experience accumulated in almost two decades of the PDCIS to build a publication that not only makes possible the reapplication of our Social Technology, but also represents one of the main documents of the acquis and history of the Odebrecht Foundation,” explains Fabio Wanderley, Foundation Superintendent.

    Social contribution

    The publication “How to implement the PDCIS” is divided into more conceptual introductory contents, which present the pillars for understanding the Program and present themes such as Youth Protagonism, Sustainable Development and Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, in addition to practical contents, which are included in the publication throughout the PDCIS programmatic module and organized in a step-by-step format with the necessary detailing to support the reapplication.

    For Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for Sustainability, Partnerships and Communication at the Foundation and who was directly involved in coordinating this project, the publication is a milestone in the trajectory of the institution. “In our Strategic Direction we planned to evaluate the PDCIS, which we did in 2018 and attested the real impacts that the Program generates on the lives of the beneficiaries; And, as the next step, to systematize our Social Technology so that an experience as successful as its application in the Baixo Sul region of Bahia could serve society in other contexts”, she explains.

    Norberto Odebrecht’s desire to reapply the Program was also expressed in his writings. Thus, taking the model to other regions, by means of a responsible expansion, is another way to keep his legacy alive and transformative. In 2020, the entrepreneur would be 100 years old if he were alive.

    To learn more about the document in its visibility version, access . With open access, this version presents the content of the publication without opening the step by step sequence and attachments. The re-application version, which contemplates the opening of the entire Program step by step sequence (how to) and its Annexes and Appendices, is available with password access for those who require the Technology.



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