• Odebrecht Foundation releases special video in honor of Norberto Odebrecht

    DATE: 08/14/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    The video is part of Odebrecht Group’s celebration for the centennial of its founder


    If alive, Norberto Odebrecht would turn 100 in October 2020. To honor the legacy of a man who lived ahead of his time, Odebrecht Foundation, with support from Odebrecht S.A., released last Thursday, 30, a special video celebrating Odebrecht Group founder’s 100th anniversary.

    With a guitar in the background, watercolors are drawn on the screen as a way to celebrate the trajectory of a visionary. Following a timeline full of photos and illustrations, the video remembers the milestones of Norberto Odebrecht’s life. The production is part of the celebrations for the entrepreneur’s centenary and also has a very special narrator, who remembers with affection and longing a trajectory full of achievements: his legacy.

    You can watch the centennial campaign video at: ( In addition to the audiovisual material, the website has photos, testimonials, and divides Norberto Odebrecht’s story according into his main facets: businessman, educator leader, and human being. Norberto Odebrecht is remembered by many as a great inspiration, through the Odebrecht Foundation, an institution he created in 1965, the entrepreneur built opportunities so that thousands of people could achieve better living conditions.

    “I’m a rural businessman and I’ve had a chance to change my story. I got to where I am today for my ability, for those were Mr. Norberto’s words. He told me that we get where our ability allows us, but we need support. Sometimes, a small push is enough can transform our entire reality” says Marcelo Roma, a family farmer benefited by the Foundation in Southern Bahia Lowlands, region where the institution’s Social Program, the PDCIS, was created, and continues to promote social transformation by encouraging the formation of a generation of young protagonists and knowledge multipliers for their families and communities through agriculture.

    Norberto Odebrecht 100 year – His life and legacy from Fundação Odebrecht on Vimeo.


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