• Odebrecht Foundation presents its Social Technology at a press conference

    DATE: 12/03/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Held in virtual format, the collective discussed the systematization of the Institution’s Social Technology and the next steps for its reapplication.

    This Wednesday morning, 02, the Odebrecht Foundation presented its Social Technology, recently systematized, for communication vehicles in Bahia. The press conference, held in a totally virtual format, had the main focus of sharing the work of systematizing the PDCIS, the Social Program of the Odebrecht Foundation, giving light to the publication “How to implement the PDCIS”, a document that summarizes the knowledge accumulated in almost 20 years of Program.

    Journalists from the Correio * and A TARDE vehicles, as well as professionals from the Bahia Econômica portals, Bahia Já, Lets Go Bahia magazine, Valença Agora and Farol da Bahia were present at the meeting. Marcelo Gentil, responsible for Communication and Institutional Relations at Odebrecht S.A. for the Northeast, and Camila Giuliani, a member of the Foundation’s Communication team, welcomed the invited journalists, starting the press conference.

    Created in 2003 and coordinated by the Odebrecht Foundation, the PDCIS is a Social Program with proven impacts that materializes the institution’s strategy for promoting sustainable territorial development. Fabio Wanderley, Superintendent of the Foundation, highlighted the challenges and achievements of 2020. “Despite being a very challenging year for everyone, in the most varied sectors, it has also been a period of important achievements for us. In September, we took an important step in our history. Realizing an old desire of our institution, we started the process of systematizing our Social Program, the PDCIS, aiming to reapply it in other contexts of inequality and thus benefit even more people ”, he pointed out.

    In the sequence, Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for Sustainability, Partnerships and Communication at the Odebrecht Foundation, presented the work of systematization, which culminated in the publication “How to implement PDCIS”. “The objective of systematization is precisely to demonstrate that the contributions of the PDCIS were decisive in realizing a valuable cultural and intellectual heritage. We also want to supply Government and Institutional instances of mold to become a Brazilian reference as a Model for Development and Integrated Growth with Sustainability ”, says Cristiane.

    The journalists present were able to answer questions about the institution’s Social Technology, seeking to understand more about how the PDCIS has been implemented during the pandemic period, how the training process of the young people supported works and the number of people directly and indirectly benefited by the program. Program.

    Collective brought together professionals from the Bahian press to talk about the Social Technology of the Odebrecht Foundation

    Two leaders of the Foundation’s partner institutions in the Southern Bahia Lowlands also participated in the collective: Francisvaldo Roza, director of the Casa Familiar Rural de Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and Juscelino Macedo, President of the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Producers Cooperative (Coopatan), who explained to journalists, with a place of speech, the impacts of the PDCIS on the beneficiary families.

    “Talking about the Family Home and talking about PDCIS is talking about social transformation. The young man becomes a leader where he lives. There is also an economic, social, emotional development. They are seen as protagonists. Today, we operate in a good part of the territory of the Lower South ”, said Roza. Juscelino, on the other hand, shared the experience of how the cooperative is taking products made from the work of small rural producers in the Lower South to large centers. “We are present in all retail chains in Bahia. We can say that family farming managed to be in the midst of large multinationals, competing on equal terms, and being formed by small farmers, ”said Macedo.

    The publication “How to implement PDCIS”, in its visibility version, is available to the whole society on the Odebrecht Foundation website. To access the reapplication version, aimed at public managers, private companies and their leaders, investors and social entrepreneurs who wish to implement the PDCIS in a contextualized way to their realities, just contact the Odebrecht Foundation by email

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