• Odebrecht Foundation announces changes in brand and positioning

    DATE: 03/30/2021

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    Odebrecht Foundation announces changes in brand and positioning

    In honor of its founder and the desire to expand its commitment, the institution is now called the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    On Tuesday morning, March 30, the Odebrecht Foundation announced its new name and brand to its members and to Novonor Group, as well as to partners in general. In honor of its founder’s history and legacy, the institution is now called the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation. The change also celebrates an important milestone in more than 55 years of history: the search for responsible expansion, in which the institution will put its social technology with proven impacts at the service of public managers, private companies and their leaders, investors, and social entrepreneurs as a model of sustainable territorial development to address contexts of social vulnerability. With this positioning, Norberto Odebrecht Foundation reinforces its basic purpose of contributing in the fight against poverty and inequality in order to build a more responsible, harmonious and solidary society with equal opportunities for all.

    According to Fabio Wanderley, superintendent of the institution, the new brand keeps Norberto Odebrecht’s legacy alive. “Our founder dedicated much of his life to the Foundation and to making it possible for young people and their families to have access to a more sustainable future. With a lot of dedication, he has always worked so that our institution could continue to act in regions of inequality and contribute positively to the development of these communities. By honoring him in our new brand, we also want to reaffirm that we are continuing the work started by him,” he points out.

    The conception of the new brand also brings together elements that make reference to sustainability, water, the environment, and the potential for self-development of the human being and the spirit of service. The desire of the institution to spread its activities more widely and establish a closer relationship with related parties is reinforced by Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for Sustainability, Partnerships and Communication at the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation. “More than adopting a new visual identity, we also revisited the way we communicated. We adjust our tone of voice to get closer to the beneficiaries, partners, public power, and society in general, and we are striving to show even more clearly our work and how we are promoting sustainable territorial development”, she says.

    Access the website and learn more about the new phase of the institution.

    Click on the link below and watch the manifesto video that marks this moment of change!


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