• Odebrecht Foundation benefited over 274 communities in Bahia with its Social Program in 2019

    DATE: 07/30/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    This figure is one of the highlights of the institution’s Annual Report, which shows results of action focused on people

    The Odebrecht Foundation has just released its 2019 Annual Report. In a digital and interactive version, the publication presents the society with the achievements in the promotion of sustainable territorial development from the PDCIS, a Social Program carried out in the Bahia’s Low Lands, a region with social vulnerabilities. In the last year alone, more than R$ 22 million were invested by the institution, Odebrecht Group companies, partners and social investors, allowing actions that reinforced the positive transformation in the lives of young people and families of small rural producers from 274 communities, in 22 municipalities in the State.

    The construction of this year’s report prioritized giving voice to the Foundation’s reason for being: the people, beneficiaries of the Program. “We asked them to tell their life stories, how they have overcome difficulties, and their achievements. So we made the document humane and light,” said Superintendent Fabio Wanderley. These are testimonies from students, community leaders, small farmers and managers of local organizations. “Men, women and young people driven by dreams and hopes for a better life”, he concludes. According to the Foundation, the results reported are in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, confirming that local action has much to contribute to global challenges, such as fighting hunger, reducing inequalities, eradicating poverty, encouraging quality education and preserving terrestrial life.

    With regards to the institutional highlights, the report provides an overview of the most relevant aspects of the year, such as the mobilization of fundraising, especially with members of the Odebrecht Group, who donated approximately 2 million for the education of hundreds of adolescents of Lowlands of Bahia. And the systematization of PDCIS’ work, which is being developed so that knowledge about the program can be made available in a structured manner, enabling it to be reapplied in other contexts and even guiding the creation of public policies in the country.

    According to Fabio Wanderley, the publication results from the institution’s commitment to always establish transparent communication with all public and private agents who believe in the PDCIS’ strength, and in its fulfillment capacity. “In this document, we have highlighted, for all stakeholders, the results, learning and improvements implemented in our performance throughout 2019 and we also talk about the future, how we are preparing ourselves, together with many, to build tomorrow,” he said.


    Results achieved
    The award of the Transparent NGO Seal, certified by Donar Institute, and the positive returns of a perception survey conducted with members of the Odebrecht Group on the level of knowledge and importance attributed to the Foundation were some of the recognitions the institution received during the year. The publication also shows that 443 small producers in the Low Lands were technically assisted in 2019, being encouraged to practice environmentally responsible agriculture. With a focus on providing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field to adolescents in the region, 321 young people were training at the Foundation’s partner family homes. In their qualification process, they promote education for sustainable development in the context of rural areas.

    The beneficiaries of PDCIS produced more than 4,000 tons of food and recorded a monthly income of R$ 1,671, strengthening family agriculture in the State. For comparison purposes, according to last year’s census by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Bahia’s per capita income in 2019 was R$ 913.00. Important results have also been achieved in the field of environmental conservation. More than 15,000 trees were planted by OCT, the Foundation’s partner. In addition, 370 hectares of areas were preserved and 81 springs restored, showing that the various fronts of Odebrecht Foundation converge in the search to promote sustainable territorial development and to keep alive the commitment of its founder, Norberto Odebrecht, in the search to build a more harmonious, responsible society with equal opportunities for everyone.

    Click here and access the Odebrecht Foundation’s 2019 Annual Report.

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