• Ocyan and Norberto Odebrecht Foundation launch project to encourage family agriculture in Macaé

    DATE: 08/04/2022

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation Ocyan

    Initiative will be held in the Sana community and will directly benefit about 30 families


    President of APAF, Júlio Cesár de Sousa, Foundation’s Superintendent, Fabio Wanderley, Ocyan’s CEO Roberto Bischoff and VP Nir Lander sign partnership agreement

    The reapplication of the PDCIS outside the Southern Lowlands of Bahia has started. The project to encourage family farming will be carried out in Macaé – RJ – in partnership with Ocyan, involving the municipality and the Association of Family Farmers of Sana – APAF-SANA -, with direct benefits for 30 families. The officialization took place this Tuesday – 26, in an event in the city that brought together representatives from Ocyan, the Foundation, the Municipal Government, the Association, and farmers from the region, where a Technical and Financial Cooperation Agreement was signed to implement the project.

    “Today is a landmark day for the Foundation. Seeing a work already consolidated in the State of Bahia being reapplied here in Macaé makes us very proud. We are sure that this project will bear good fruit for everyone involved, making real the dream of our founder, Norberto Odebrecht, of seeing the PDCIS being expanded”, said Fabio Wanderley, the Foundation’s superintendent. “Our next step is to validate the execution of the project with each of the families. This scope will make up the initiative to be carried out over the next 30 months,” he added.

    Event brought together farmers, residents, public authorities, Ocyan and the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    A social diagnosis promoted by the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation in February, commissioned by Ocyan, identified challenges for improving the life quality in the community. At the event held this Tuesday – 26, Solutions based on the Foundation’s Social Program PDCIS, underway in the Southern Lowlands of Bahia since 2003 and which impacted more than 26 thousand people last year, were presented and discussed with farmers who will benefit from it.

    “Creating opportunities and empowering our communities is one of Ocyan’s commitments to the ESG agenda, and this project in particular reinforces our social and environmental strategy in Macaé,” explained Roberto Bischoff, the company’s CEO.

    Created in 2003, the PDCIS is a social technology with proven impacts that strengthens family agriculture, respecting the vocation of the benefited communities to leverage economic growth with inclusion, in harmony with the environment.

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