• Our engineering achievements in Salvador

    DATE: 03/24/2022

    Published by: Novonor

    The history of Novonor Group begins in the city of Salvador, Bahia, in 1944. Since then, we have carried out more than 800 important works in the first capital of Brazil and in its metropolitan region.

    Next March 29th, our hometown will be 473 years old. In celebration, we have portrayed on a map some of these projects that have contributed so much to the urban and social transformation of Salvador and that benefit the citizens of Salvador to this day. After all, it is through the transformative power of our engineering that we serve society and help build a sustainable future.

    See the map im more detail by clicking here.



    • Hospital Sagrada Família
    • Hospital Santo Antonio
    • Dry Dock and Wharf Naval Base Aratu
    • Ferry boat terminal
    • Salvador Mill
    • Bahia Workers’ Circle
    • Hospital Naval
    • Cidade de Ilhéus Building
    • Inclined Plane Liberdade/Sidewalk
    • Aratu Naval Base Workshops
    • Centro Industrial da Bahia
    • Salvador Tax and Customs Station
    • Cine Excelsior
    • Cruz Building
    • Belo Horizonte Building
    • Passenger Maritime Station
    • Atlas Building
    • Bahia Navigation Company Building
    • Polytechnic Foundation
    • Mosteiro de São Bento
    • SESC/SENAC Sports Gymnasium
    • Public Safety Secretariat Building
    • Fonte Nova Arena
    • Contorno Avenue
    • Campo Grande Building
    • Restoration of Solar do Unhão
    • Address of the Cardinals
    • Colégio Maristas
    • Teatro Castro Alves
    • Colégio Antonio Vieira
    • Hospital das Clínicas
    • Graça/Canela Viaduct
    • Campo Santo Viaduct
    • Expansion of the Hospital Português
    • Maria Isabel Building
    • Condomínio Quinta da Barra
    • Parque Urbano da Orla
    • UFBA Polytechnic School
    • Leovigildo Filgueiras Viaduct
    • Submarine Outfall
    • Central Seminary of Bahia
    • Philosophy Faculty, UFBA
    • Bahia Othon Palacehotel
    • Submarine Outfall
    • Colégio Militar de Salvador
    • Albalonga Reserve
    • Vale do Loire
    • Bus Station
    • Allotment Quinta do Candeal
    • Shopping da Bahia
    • Iguatemi Business Center
    • Desenbanco
    • Novonor’s Old Headquarters
    • Caminho das Árvores Land Division
    • Plaza World
    • Novonor Headquarters Building
    • Coelba Headquarters Building
    • Bank of Tokyo Building
    • Boulevard Side
    • Salvador Trade Center
    • Tropical Park
    • D’Azur
    • Bolandeira Water Treatment Plant
    • Bridge over the Jaguaribe River
    • Salvador International Airport
    • Salvador Air Base Hangar
    • Estrada do Coco
    • Hangar Empresarial Business Park
    • BA 093 Highway System
    • Duplication of BR 324
    • Porto Seco Pirajá
    • Submarine Outfall
    • Wharf of the Iate Clube da Bahia


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