• More than 11,000 people benefited in 2019 by the Tribute to the Future Program

    DATE: 03/03/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Odebrecht Foundation’s Rendering of Accounts shows actions carried out since the 2018 campaign


    Did you know that the donors of the Tribute to the Future Program in 2018 supported the technical qualification of more than 300 adolescents from the Baixo Sul rural area of Bahia, indirectly benefiting 11 thousand people? This is what is shown in the 2019 Rendering of Accounts published by the Odebrecht Foundation. The material shows how the raised funds, which totaled approximately R$ 2.3 million, contributed to young people benefited by the PDCIS, the institution’s Social Program, having access to a quality education, with the opportunity to undertake in rural areas with their families.

    Crislane dos Santos is one of the examples. At the age of 17, she counts on the support of her family to develop her productive projects. At her mother’s home, Maria Bárbara, she has a vegetable garden and a “handful of chili peppers”. At her uncle’s, she uses another plot of land to grow the rest of her peppers. “I’m learning to be a young entrepreneur. It’s not just something for me, but for the ones to come and the whole community,” she said. Crislane is a student at the Casa Familiar Rural (Rural Family Home) in Igrapiúna (CFR-I), a rural school that executes the projects supported by the Tribute to the Future Program together with the Casa Familiar Agroflorestal (Cfaf) and the Casa Familiar Rural of Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN).

    Teenagers like Crislane dos Santos are being
    encouraged to undertake in the field

    More than 860 adolescents from 12 municipalities in the Baixo Sul and neighboring cities were enrolled in the 2020 selection process held by these schools, which are partners of the Odebrecht Foundation in the PDCIS. The Program seeks to socially, economically and environmentally transform the living conditions of the people of the region through actions in the area of education for sustainable development, environmental conservation, economic development, innovation and technology, social cohesion and mobilization, and citizenship and governance.

    With the raised funds, 406 Educational-Productive Projects (Projetos Educativo-Produtivos – PEPs) were implemented in 2019, in which adolescents receive inputs and technical guidance from educators to start their crops, obtain income and reinvest the profit in new production cycles such as bananas, cassava, pineapple, honey, cocoa and vegetables. The students were also responsible for more than 450 multiplying actions in the form of seminars, lectures and Field Days, whose objective is to disseminate knowledge and share new agricultural techniques with producers in the regions where they live.

    According to Thiago Maciel, responsible for the 2018 Tribute to the Future campaign, the rendering of accounts reinforces the Odebrecht Foundation’s transparency with social investors: “These are results achieved through the engagement of many people who believe in the cause. By showing what is being accomplished, we reinforce the legacy of our founder, Norberto Odebrecht, in the search for the construction of a more harmonious, responsible society with equal opportunities for all,” he said.

    To check the full 2019 Rendering of Accounts, click here. Through the publication, it is possible to access all the details of the educational projects supported via the Tribute to the Future Program and the reports of the Family Homes, signed by the Municipalities in which each rural school is based.


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