• Mauro Figueira talks about the actions of Abrapp’s Ethics Committee

    DATE: 05/13/2024

    Published by: Vexty

    Vexty’s CEO, Mauro Figueira, coordinator of Abrapp’s Ethics Committee, spoke about the actions carried out in the last year and the work under the group’s management in an interview with the Abrapp Blog.

    Among the projects discussed, Mauro highlighted the new Code of Conduct for Closed Supplementary Pension Entities, which was approved by Abrapp’s Extraordinary Assembly, at a meeting held on April 25(click here to read the article published by Abrapp on the subject).

    The reformulation of the document had been proposed by Abrapp’s Ethics Committee at the beginning of the year and underwent extensive debate, approval by Abrapp’s Board of Directors and public consultation before being decided by the Assembly. In the interview, Mauro detailed the work carried out by the Committee: “The new code presents a better specification of the principles, as well as compatibility with Abrapp’s new Code of Ethics. The new document is more educational and advisory in nature. Although the guidelines are not mandatory, adherence to the Code represents a commitment on the part of each organization to act with a focus on prevention. Other points changed in the new document are the better explanation of acts of fraud, corruption and money laundering, as well as the formalization of infractions such as prejudice, harassment, working conditions analogous to slavery, fraud, bribery and favoritism,” he explained.

    Mauro also commented on the projects already started in 2024 and the planning for the rest of the year. Check out the full interview on the Abrapp Blog.


    Active contribution to ethical action and good governance practices. Vexty. Absolutely.

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