• Books Recognize and Disseminate Odebrecht Group Culture

    DATE: 08/21/2017

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Odebrecht Foundation initiative administrates over 60 titles, including the works that systematize the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO)


    Operating in the region of the Bahia Southern Lowlands and supporting projects focused on education, the generation of work and income, citizenship, and the environment, the Odebrecht Foundation also works to connect people with the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).


    Through the Editorial Program, which administrates more than 60 titles, the institution is responsible for publishing and selling the works that systematize the Odebrecht Group culture.


    “By valuing and disseminating the Odebrecht culture, we create opportunities to access new knowledge and we also benefit the public directly through our actions, since the revenue obtained is reverted back to the projects we support,” emphasized Fabio Wanderley, Senior Officer of the foundation.


    Created in 1983, the program currently has six projects in the commercial circuit. The sales occur on the Foundation’s website and, given the Group’s international reach, the books – available in both print and digital versions – can be purchased either in English or Spanish. One example is Survival, Growth and Perpetuity, considered the greatest symbol of TEO for members, partners, and entrepreneurs. Other publications include Influenciar e Ser Influenciado (“Influence and Be Influenced”), featuring lectures by the founder of the Group, Norberto Odebrecht, about his life and work experiences.


    The beneficiaries of the educational institutions supported by the Bahia Southern Lowlands also receive training based on the TEO principles. Robenilson dos Santos, age 21, is an agricultural technician and follows an Action Program (AP) with goals to be reached during the year for his cassava and plantain crops. For Santos, TEO “is the foundation of everything.” “It is a life lesson,” he said.



    Still don’t have the entire TEO collection? Find out how to purchase it!


    Visit the Odebrecht Foundation website. Then, simply complete the registration and indicate which publication you want, the language, quantity, payment method, and where to deliver the publications. You can purchase the publication either as an Individual or Company. Click here to access the Book Catalog.

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