• Launching of ESG program at OR

    DATE: 03/02/2022

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    OR officially launched its ESG program to the members through a live broadcast with the participation of Marcia Menezes from the Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações – CTE (Building Technology Center), Priscilla Wornicow, Compliance and Sustainability at OR, and BL, Eduardo Pedreira.

    In her presentation, Marcia Menezes explained the basic concepts of ESG, commented on the role of companies within this journey, and also showed how a business can make a difference within the scope of sustainable development, in light of the goals set by the UN.

    Next, Priscilla Wornicow explained how the OR is already positioning itself and what the next steps will be within the ESG theme according to Novonor’s directions. In addition, she reinforced the company’s values and commitments through OR’s manifesto video, and a video where young members relate their PAs to the 8 ESG commitments.

    Finally, Eduardo Pedreira commented on the theme and started a Q&A session. “In addition to meeting our customers’ needs, OR’s products must play a transformative role in our society. This is part of our commitment,” the BL replied in one of the questions sent by the members.

    OR has adopted measures in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas since its foundation, and now it has defined commitments and goals for each of these topics, which will be monitored through a results dashboard, and in a quarterly basis through meetings with the shareholders’ representatives.

    Priscilla Wornicow starting the live broadcast about OR’s ESG performance program


    Guest, Marcia Menezes from CTE (Building Technology Center)


    UN’s Sustainable Development Goals presented by Marcia during the live broadcast


    Novonor’s direction on ESG for OR, presented by Priscilla during the broadcast


    OR’s BL, Eduardo Pedreira, ending the presentations and opening the Q&A session

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