• ENSEADA members awarded with the “Amigo da Marinha” Medal

    DATE: 11/25/2021

    Published by: Enseada

    On November 18, 2021, our colleagues Mário Moura and Roberto Souza were awarded the “Amigo da Marinha” Medal by the Commander of the 2nd Naval District, Vice Admiral Humberto Caldas da Silveira Junior.

    Our members were honored by the recognition on helping to spread the maritime mentality in the Bahia’s society and the importance of the sea to the country.

    The work developed by the ENSEADA team is based on spirit of serving the society and clients, always working in harmony with the Brazilian Navy in the protection of the environment and in good maritime safety practices.


    “We were very happy with the honor received, but this was the result of the efforts of the entire Enseada team. Involved in activities to disseminate the maritime mentality in Baía de Todos os Santos. The challenges are enormous, but the spirit of serving and exceeding expectations for the protection of the marine environment and the safety of waterway traffic are even greater. We hope to continue this successful partnership with the Brazilian Navy. And you can always count on our support, we will be vigilant in protecting the waters of the Blue Amazon surrounding us.”

    Roberto Souza, Naval Engineer at ENSEADA

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