• Inspired by the future, Novonor is born to replace Odebrecht

    DATE: 12/18/2020

    Published by: Novonor

    Odebrecht has just announced that from now on it is called Novonor company “inspired by the future.” The announcement was made by the Group’s majority shareholder representative, Mauricio Odebrecht, during an annual meeting with online transmission for all employees.

    The name and brand change is the culmination of the transformation undertaken by the company in the last five years. During this period, as the company was changing its internal processes and methods of operation, strictly guided by ethics, integrity and transparency, the company implemented a compliance system following the standards of major international corporations, and which was certified two months ago by an independent monitor of the U.S. Department of Justice.

    “This is an historic decision for us. We are presenting the brand of an entirely transformed company, which will tell its story from now on always looking to the future,” said Mauricio Odebrecht.

    He added, “We are not erasing the past. The past will not go away. It is what it is – the past. After all the changes and adjustments we have promoted, we are now looking at what we want to be: a company inspired by the future. This is our new north”.

    Novonor is born as a holding of a business group with 25 thousand employees and six companies in the areas of engineering and construction, urban mobility and roads, oil and gas, real estate, petrochemicals and naval industry.


    2030 Purpose and Vision

    At the same meeting of the brand announcement, the 2030 Purpose and Vision of Novonor, which were defined in meetings, seminars and researches that involved more than 3 thousand members this semester, under the coordination of an international consulting company, GlobeScan.

    The Novonor’s Purpose, revealing of the company’s long-term dimension, is: “Serving society through the actions of our companies, helping to build a sustainable future”. 

    2030 Vision sets out the Group’s action strategy for the next 10 years. “To have the confidence of customers and society to design and implement with ethics innovative solutions that create value for everyone”.



    These commitments to the society will guide the Novonor Group companies in its performance:

    – Operate with the highest ethical, technical, governance and efficiency standards to promote growth and prosperity.

    – Encouraging innovation and technological development.

    – Act with diversity, inclusion and equity, contributing to the reduction of inequalities.

    – Enable and realize sustainable infrastructure projects to meet the needs of current and future generations.

    – Direct operations to be carbon neutral and support clients in developing positive climate solutions.

    – Align actions with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and support initiatives and best practices in society with this purpose.


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