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    DATE: 08/10/2023

    Published by: Horiens

    Having satisfied customers is an important goal for any company, but at Horiens few things are more intertwined with our culture than that.

    Founded in 1978 as a captive brokerage, i.e. focused on serving companies of the same business group, Horiens has since been wearing the shirt of customers in search of the best risk management solutions with a very clear objective: to protect the assets of companies, that is, their operations and people, a fundamental requirement for them to grow in a sustainable way.

    Today, after more than four decades of experience, Horiens no longer acts only as captive, but brings this truly personalized way of working to each customer.

    “It is in Horiens’ DNA to be a company that seeks to see from the customer’s perspective,” says Bianca Luggeri Gomes, risk and insurance analyst for the energy, oil and gas market. “I’ve been with the company since 2019 and that was evident to me from the start,” she adds.

    Ricardo Celestino, risk and insurance manager for the infrastructure market, has been with the company for about 10 years and makes a point of emphasizing that this is Horiens’ great differential. “Selling insurance policies is not our focus, but rather understanding the customer’s challenge regarding the risks of its business, helping it mitigate or transfer them in the best possible way,” he points out.

    Bianca and Ricardo shared in this edition of our “Horizon of Good Things” series what this customer-oriented outlook has opened up in their lives and careers. Check it out!


    A very rich exchange

    By Bianca Luggeri Gomes, Horiens risk and insurance analyst for the energy, oil and gas market

    Bianca visiting the customer’s drilling rigs in Rio de Janeiro

    At the customer’s operation, on a visit from an insurer

    “I joined Horiens in 2019 and in the first conversations with my leader the subject that most caught my attention was this very customer-oriented look. We were not just talking about providing excellent service, but developing a keen eye for the customer’s business and acting as part of its team.

    Since then I have seen in practice how real this is. I work very closely with the customer, in its office in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, and this has been a great learning experience.

    I seek all the time to understand what the customer needs, to have insights into what needs to be accomplished or covered to mitigate risks. On the customer side, I see how much this partnership relationship creates the culture of insurance, of thinking about protection.

    Cycling in Macaé with her fiancé, Raphael

    We have a very rich exchange, which is reflected in a fully tailored risk management process. We do not think of ‘off-the-shelf’ products, we will always seek to build a policy that is fully adherent to t needs.

    The coolest thing is that I ended up bringing this look to my life in general. I’m definitely a more present person when it comes to reviewing or negotiating a contract and I value being met with real interest.”






    Thinking outside the box

    By Ricardo Celestino, Horiens’ risk and insurance manager for the infrastructure market

    Visit to the Santa Cruz Thermal Power Plant, RJ, in 2022

    Visit to the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant, RO, and, 2015, with staff at the time


    “My career here at Horiens started as a trainee. I remember well the training I attended, where we always heard with attention and expectation the relevance of ‘dreaming the customer’s dream’.

    Anyone who is a member of the company knows: this is a kind of internal saying, a knowledge passed down from generation to generation. In practice, over this decade of work here at the company, how many times have I been able to see how far removed from selling insurance policies our work is? Many, many times. I believe this defines the essence of the company well.

    Insurance, of course, is an indispensable tool within the context of risk management. But for insurance to be well placed, you need to have a detailed view of the client’s scenario and challenges and this can only be achieved with time, dedication and a desire to really find a viable path that generates value.


    Ricardo and members of his department at Horiens

    I work in the infrastructure sector, thinking about the risks and protection of large projects. How to combine better conditions of premium and coverage? How to generate more efficiency in the placement of insurance policies? How can we proactively strengthen the risk management culture in our customers?

    If the questions are many, I know that the possibilities of answers and solutions are too. I can say that I feel myself thinking outside the box all the time, a fact that I consider extremely important in my life. I learn every day that there is always a way and with patience and persistence we can always build not just any solution, but the best one.”



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