• Horiens promotes live focused on comprehensive health education

    DATE: 04/17/2024

    Published by: Horiens

    On this World Health Day, the theme ‘My health, my right’, proposed by the WHO, focuses on recognizing health as a basic right for all.

    With the aim of expanding knowledge on this subject and empowering people to live better lives through health education, on April 11 Horiens held a live for employees of the companies it supports through the management of health insurance policies.

    Paula Cristina Groff Gonzalez, Healthbit’s health expert and special guest at the live, opened the event by emphasizing that taking care of yourself is more than just looking at one part of your body. “It’s really about seeking physical, mental and social well-being, about being part of a healthy environment and even acting for the health of the planet. We’re talking about a broad concept, but one that concerns each and every one of us,” he said.


    The basis of health: conscious attitudes!

    You probably know this, but it cannot be repeated enough: good health is something that is directly related to lifestyle, with a balanced diet, restful sleep and rest, space in the routine to relax and have fun, as well as being in suitable, organized environments so that the routine flows in the best way.

    However, it’s not easy to put all this together and the key to sustaining these habits is to be aware of the process of taking care of your health.

    “This doesn’t necessarily mean joining the most complete gym in the neighborhood or buying a lot of supplements. We’re talking about real life and doing the basics well,” said Dr. Denize Cavalcante Lopes, occupational physician and mediator of the live.  “It’s non-negotiable that the pillars of a healthy life can be part of everyday life, but this must happen according to each person’s reality and, of course, with the commitment to do the best we can,” he added.


    How are your promises to evolve in 2024?

    When a new year begins, it’s common to re-evaluate dreams and goals and there are certainly some of them that come up against your lifestyle and the need to leave old habits behind and make way for new attitudes.

    But why is it so difficult to change habits? This was another topic Paula addressed in the World Health Day live stream.

    Changing them implies inserting new behaviors into everyday life and this is not a simple mission, not least because habits often disguise themselves as needs. According to Paula, changing habits and behaviors requires knowing the possibilities, wanting to act on the path we want to build.

    “Identify what you want to change, think about why, set realistic goals and go after them. The repetition of a new behavior is fundamental for it to become a habit. Be patient and keep going,” he explained.


    Check out the essential steps to achieve or increase well-being

    • Eat well: prioritize real food, rich in fresh foods that will bring nourishment to your body and mind, as well as the energy you need to make the best decisions in your life.
    • Exercise: regular exercise prevents a number of serious illnesses and significantly increases your chances of growing old in good health; make this commitment to yourself and make it part of your routine.
    • Combat excessive stress: recognizing mental triggers and acting on them; doing relaxing activities, reducing the use of screens or seeking a therapeutic space to work on your issues are some of the possible ways.
    • Cultivate relationships: we are social beings and relationships are fundamental to building and maintaining mental and social health.
    • Make good use of technology: life is being transformed by the use of technology, be careful about spending too much time on screens; also remember to pay attention to your physical posture!


    Horiens understands that every human being is an agent of their own destiny and that having access to qualified information in a health education process is essential for prevention and, consequently, for a life of greater well-being.

    “We’re happy to promote another meeting to discuss health, prevention and encourage people to adopt healthy habits,” adds Nayara Andrade, from Horiens’ People Insurance team.

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