• Horiens participates in an initiative to donate ventilator

    DATE: 05/23/2020

    Published by: Horiens

    In the fight against the new coronavirus, the unavailability of ventilators in hospitals is among the main challenges for healthcare systems worldwide, since treatment by means of these devices is decisive in saving lives in more serious cases of the disease. Increasing the availability of ventilators is therefore, one of the most urgent strategies at the moment.

    “This is a situation that requires the cooperation of all – society, governments and companies. It is time to join forces, that is why we decided to make a contribution on this issue by participating in an initiative of FIEB (Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia) for the donation of ventilators that will be used to face this pandemic throughout Bahia”, says Marcelo Neves, CEO of Horiens.

    With the partnership of several companies and other sectors of society, FIEB has bought and will donate 50 ventilatorto support the treatment of covid-19, in a proactive and Solidary manner.

    “We have an important connection with Bahia, since our history began in the state. And Bahia, as well as Brazil, will probably face the increase in cases of the disease. Being adequately prepared to passthrough this phase is decisive”, says Marcelo.

    Marcelo highlights that Horiens remains attentive to opportunities to collaborate. “Initiatives like this reaffirm our purpose to see risks and contribute to protecting and to valuingcompanies and people in an increasingly complex reality”.


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