• Have you simulated the benefits of increasing your contribution percentage?

    DATE: 06/06/2023

    Published by: Vexty

    Just having a pension plan is not enough! Knowing whether you are on the right track, keeping track of whether your goals remain the same and whether your plan is aligned with them is crucial.

    That’s why conducting regular reviews of your planning is almost mandatory, much like undergoing an “annual health check-up.” It can help you maintain control of your plan and stay on track. In the Restricted Participant Area of Vexty, you will find the Future Income Simulator, which helps you evaluate if the contributions you are making today align with your post-career objectives.

    Learn about the benefits of increasing your contribution percentage:

    For Active Participants: the monthly contribution you make directly affects the matching contribution made by the sponsoring company into your account. The more you contribute monthly (within the limit of 1% to 12% of your gross salary), but the company contributes too. And there’s also the possibility for your company to make an additional contribution, known as an annual counterpart, which is optional. You can receive up to 80% of the total monthly counterpart contributions received in the previous year. This is yet another incentive for you to contribute as much as you can!

    For BPD Participants (former employees of the plan sponsors) and Self-Sponsored Participants: in addition to increasing your plan’s assets, your contributions can also be used to reduce the taxable income base for your income tax calculation. This is because, as a tax incentive, it is possible to deduct private pension contributions from the income tax base, up to the limit of 12% of your annual gross income, if you file your tax return using the complete model. We are currently in the income tax declaration period, so don’t forget to report your contributions. Learn more here!

    Taking control of your plan is crucial to approach your future with more peace of mind and confidence.

    Planning and attitude. Vexty. Absolutely.

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